K Wilds Horde getting owned

Im am so dissapointed with the lack of a challange from the horde in the wilds PVP zone, it is shamefull to say the least. This is a plea to the horde on Hyjal any geek can PVE but a true player can bring it PVP. So that said BRING IT PLZ!!!!!!!
lol. right. pretty sure most of the time horde has kicked the alliance's !@# in pvp on hyjal in the two years i've been there. i think they just don't give a $%^- anymore. yeah, it's annoying for even a horde player sometimes, but who cares, really. if you want pvp, you're on the wrong server anyway, sir. :)

oh, oops, this was an alt. hahahaha.
So let me guess, you frost-maged (aka the newb PvP spec) someone who most likely got flagged hitting a guard on accident - cool story - maybe you should transfer to a PvP server??

oh I see you are in a PvP themed guild on a PvE server - that's nice - real PvP'ers are not afraid of PvP servers - how about going to one of them and show your true skill? oh wait...I forgot playing a frost mage doesn't take any
Yet we still get into your base, kill your rares, and dont get attacked by any flagged players... rightttttt.
I was just in Krasarang the other day and saw that Horde had captured all the PvP points.

I punished a bunch of you "battleground raiders" kids in Krasarang twice last night on my priest. Perhaps you forgot about that?
Lol you mad Horde>?
I think there's like 2-3 Alliance on the realm that aren't completely braindead when it comes to PvP.

(spoiler alert, the OP isn't one of them)
Thanks for the props
12/06/2012 07:56 PMPosted by Natana
Thanks for the props

So, not only can you not spell but your reading comprehension is fail as well, too bad.
Yeah speling is bad didn't finish high school or go to uni spel checker ftw but id become a teacher any day to school you horde in PVP : )
i usually make fun of ppl but you're okay natana

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