Best PVP Talent Build: Lvl 90 Warriors

Hello I am relatively new to the warrior class and am wondering for PVP which are the best talents to get for a warrior at level 90. Safeguard or MSR? and for the last one, does Avatar make you immune to roots or just break them? Another question not related to talents, how does a warrior best utilize switching stances? I have seen a lot of arms/ fury warriors in PVP videos fight in defensive stance for a large portion of their battles. What main stats are you supposed to focus on for an arms warrior in PVP: mastery, crit, haste? What are some great macros to have for a warrior in PVP?

I know this is a massive area to cover with these questions, but if you could answer any part of this post I would greatly appreciate. It seems like warriors are one of the best classes right now in PVP, and i just hit 90 and am hoping to have the knowledge to apply my skillz and take advantage. Thanks again to any who read and reply.
Oh and one more thing: What about glyphs? Which are the best to have for pvp? thanks :)

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