Split Hunter into Two; Hunter and Archer

I've thought for a long time that having a single class using ranged weapons was silly, and that was before Blizzard took away the ranged slot for Rogues and Warriors. Now, these could be the preliminary steps to making a new ranged class, but if not, here's my brainstorms.

There would be two classes using ranged weapons. Hunters would wear leather, use pets, and have a pet tanking spec. Archers would wear chain, use combo points, and have a close ranged healing spec. Details are as follows;

Archer - The Ranged Rogue

Marksman - This class would focus on many of the shots currently seen in the Hunters arsenal, such as steady shot, aimed shot, arcane shot, etc. as well as AOE attacks. Though all Archers get these attacks, Marksmen would make the most of them, using ranged combo points to administer powerful finishers either to single targets or groups of targets. This spec would be very maneuverable with many close and long ranged attacks to hinder enemies.

Sniper - This class would revolve around stealth and stationary, single target damage. The further you are from your enemy before making the first strike, the more damage you do, and once you've chosen your point of attack you're intended to hold your ground. Many attacks have a cast time, and many more surround you with almost totem-like equipment to aid you, such as a torch to light your arrows, an ammo pile to quicken your firing rate, and a telescope to increase your range and accuracy.

Field Medic - Sharing healing gear with Shamans, this class would take a heel-face turn from the other two classes and be a close ranged healer. Making use of small, quick long-ranged heals in the form of different encouraging 'shouts' and 'cheers', the medic would build up combo points that can be used as close ranged heals for tremendous payoffs, or they could use the combo points for a variety of maneuverability buffs to put the Field Medic on par with other healing classes despite its range restrictions.

Hunter - New and Improved

Beast Mastery - This spec would be different than what it's been in the past. Instead of focusing on your pets damage output, it'll now be entirely about its survivability, aggro holding and ally protection; Essentially a fully capable tank with a twist. The mechanics would revolve around balancing the aggro between the pet and the hunter himself, as the more danger the hunter is in, the stronger the pet becomes, a buff called 'Instinct'. They would also be able to call the hunters other pets out to juggle damage during particularly tough fights.

Survival - Focusing on traps as well as poisons, this spec would take a no-holds barred vantage to fighting, many of the attacks underhanded and borderline dirty. Sand in the eyes, below the belt, temporarily grabbing enemies and using them as shields, this spec does everything and anything to keep the opponent at range while dishing out considerably DOT damage with its own blend of poisons and laying down a variety of traps, invisible to the enemy until they're right on top of them.

Tracker - This spec would take into account the differences between enemy types (undead, elemental, giant) and make full use of them. Different attacks are more powerful against different types, you can buff yourself with a passive AOE that repels/damages said types, and certain abilities can enrage different types into attacking each other. As well, there are abilities that can win over your enemies and make them friendly to you for periods of time, to fight alongside you and your pet. This would be the only spec to get tracking.

I stitched these classes together on the fly, but they both have bits and pieces of ideas that have been bouncing around in my head for a while. Tell me what you think!
I really really like that idea!
12/04/2012 01:12 PMPosted by Nui
Making use of small, quick long-ranged heals in the form of different encouraging 'shouts' and 'cheers',

This is where you lost me.

Keybinds for tracker would be ridiculous and highly situational.
12/04/2012 01:12 PMPosted by Nui
Different attacks are more powerful against different types, you can buff yourself with a passive AOE that repels/damages said types, and certain abilities can enrage different types into attacking each other.

How many keys you plan to use? If you have 4 main damage abilities in your rotation that would require at least 28 keybinds just to get off each attack for each type (considering 7 creature types - humanoid, demon, undead, beast, dragonkin, elemental, mechanical.) I have nightmares like this. Do this as a situational stance, and you might have something so long as you have no more than 4 stances (7 would be ludicrous...unless you liked aspect dancing and found it to be lacking some complexity.)

Also, why does the survival hunter spec sound familiar? Oh yeah, it sounds just like a rogue with traps and the ability to use a foe as a shield (love to see you use a dragon or yeti as a shield.)
Ok, heres my issue with this. I like the idea of having a second ranged class- I'd play it. BUT, I dont think that it should change the way hunters work.

Keep hunters with the same specs as they are now, but make them a bit more rustic. So marksman, survival, beast mastery, but marksman, for example, would be a sort of be like an unexpected kind of thing (like how a hunter sneaks behind a deer, for example.), BM would be pet focused (possibly split into two specs, a dps and a tanking spec), and survival would be traps, bombs, poison... ect, but still focused on ranged weapons.

Archer could have marksman, sniper and something else (maybe tactician?). 2 similar classes with same named specs isn't a big deal (resto shamans and druids, frost mages and dks, prot warriors and pallies...). I don't personally like the idea of changing the rolls up for hunter, or a healer with a bow. Beast mastery tanking would be fun no doubt, but I kind of like the dps option for it too (4 specs maybe?). And all the recent classes have been hybrids, lets show pure-dps some love! Overall I like your idea, but those are the issues I have.

Edit: have both use agi mail? there are currently only 2 mail classes, each other armor type having at least 3. And theres no need to mess up hunter mogs as they currently are.
12/04/2012 03:58 PMPosted by Ajrimmer
considering 7 creature types - humanoid, demon, undead, beast, dragonkin, elemental, mechanical

Also giant.
This idea is horrible....shortbus goes to OP
Devs don't read this forum, should post in the Archer forum
To be completely honest, while not perfect, these are really cool preliminary design ideas. Flesh them out a bit more OP, and then post them to the suggestion forums!
My favorite was the Survival hunter fighting dirty style and using an enemy as a shield. THAT sounds like a cool ability to me.
I always sort of expected a warden hero class at some point.

12/05/2012 10:37 PMPosted by Vonroecker
My favorite was the Survival hunter fighting dirty style and using an enemy as a shield. THAT sounds like a cool ability to me.

So ....what do I grab a nearby gnome and use him as a shield? How do I shoot like that?
12/06/2012 03:01 AMPosted by Ontap
It might just be the wine, Lars, but you're a pretty man...

Sleep tight, Lars!
The OP is looking for constructive feedback to help flesh out the ideas. I don't understand why anyone has a problem with that. I like some of the ideas.

Grab an appropriate sized enemy to use as a temporary shield isn't bad. You can't shoot at the same time, but if you're in a tight spot, it can save your life as much as other means of escape or hiding. Or it could just be fun. :p

I'm not skilled enough to offer additional ideas, but hopefully those who are will come along and give some more good constructive advice.
I like the idea, How would you propose dealing with hunters that already exist give them an option to change once? Or allow them to change multiple times on a cool down?
TBH, with the new talent system, adding new specs onto a class wouldn't be to hard for blizz, Druids have 4 specs now. I could see an expansion that instead of a new class, they just made new specs. The class that I could see a new spec using ranged weapons would be rogues, they would still have all of their rogue mechanics and no pet, but would be able to use ranged weapons. Though I guess if any new role was added to hunters, I would think it would be either tank or melee dps, or both (make Beast Mastery ranged or melee as most of the damage is from the pet anyway).
im assuming that Archer will have no pets and hunters will have pets?

Kinda like it.

I'd put Survival in Archer tho have them basicly like they are but no pets and when an enemy gets close i would love to be able to grab them and maybe when holding them for what 5 sec's? i could be throwing TNT or poisons around, then be able to throw my shield at the mobs and start shooting again.

replace the field medic archer/hunters aren't medics imo

i like the idea of BM tanking and maybe the hunters can be melee aswell for this sorda like a Rexxar class :) (i think thats who im thinking of :s)

Sniper needs more work, im not one to like people just standing in 1 spot shooting in stealth, Npc's will still see you when soloing and in raids you will still be hit by random things and then you'll just be laying in AoE, also in Pvp it would be terrible atleast the way im thinking it out as.

Tracker also needs revamping but im not sure how i'd improve it =/

so the way i'd think would be good is
Archer has 3 : Marksman, Survival, Sniper

Hunters has 4: BeastMaster (tank), Beastmaster(dps[rename]) Tracker, and possibly another one

anyways thats what i got out of this donno if i read anything wrong on not :s alittle tired so not 100% thinking atm

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