Tricks of our Trade: Evade the Redonkulous

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The soundtrack to the Rift: Storm Legion trailer is Creator of Worlds.


And did anyone else watch it and go "Oh, Serpentshrine Caverns and Black Temple"?


Crucia as a counter to Regulos is a balance Rift sorely needed after their linear lore launch.
When the heck was the TABLE OF CONTENTS thread for TooT deleted?

Anyone have a backup list?
When the heck was the TABLE OF CONTENTS thread for TooT deleted?

Anyone have a backup list?

We lost it several threads ago. I pulled the first 26 out of google's cache and quoted them here:

After that there was...

26. Come Back Cloaked! (5 days)

27. Original Ganksta (5 days)

28. Alive and Kicking (7 days)

29. Better than Expected (7 days)

30. I'm Terrible at Titles! (8 days)

31. And We Danced! (8 days)

32. Sheevah/Heartcrusher 2016 (21 days... not even kidding)

33. Evade the Redonkulous (Ongoing)
Looks like quite a few of the older ones have been deleted.
            "'Laws decide which forms of oppression are allowed, Lord. And because of that, those laws are servants those in power, for whom oppression is given as a right over those who have little or no power. Now, shall we return to art, Lord? When stripped down to its bones, criticism is a form of oppression. Its intent is to manipulate both artist and audience, by imposing rules on aesthetic appreciation. Curiously, its first task is to belittle the views of those who appreciate a certain work but are unable or unwilling to articulate their reasons for doing so. On occasion, of course, one of those viewers rises to the bait, taking umbrage at being dismissed as being ignorant, at which point critics en masse descend to annihilate the fool. No more than defending one's own precious nest, one presumes. But on another level, it is the act of those in power in protecting their interests, those interests being nothing less than absolute oppression through the control of personal taste.'"

I love it when Erikson drops a logic bomb.
12/07/2012 11:21 AMPosted by Rfeann
But the part where you're actually putting all this together and setting it up and testing it -- fun?

For me, Yes. I love building custom computers, and new tech always interests me. This is the first pc I've done watercooling in. It's also the first one I've had SLI graphics cards.
So my warrior right. He's a Draenei. He's about the size of a small house. Everything he does makes fire.

I'm thinking of naming him "The !@#$%^-*!@ Agenda".

...I'll see my self out.
I thought this was an appropriate name for a male dranei.

Dark Souls 2 announced.

Hoooo boy...
Star Trek: Into Darkness

Actually looks kind of interesting... plus Benedict Cumberbatch is in it. ^_^

Playing Khan, whoever that is. I don't know Trek.
12/07/2012 05:51 PMPosted by Verelyse
I love it when Erikson drops a logic bomb.
heh, the whole time reading that quote, I thought only of how it applies to trolling.
12/08/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Pushßutton
I love it when Erikson drops a logic bomb.
heh, the whole time reading that quote, I thought only of how it applies to trolling.

So did I! ^_^

Well, mostly. I was also thinking about all the people who criticized his first book, lol.
Sounded like moaning to me. :P
Totally just trolled someone in Faceless.

At least I attempted to, it probably won't make any sense to him.
I got chills at the end of the japanese star trek trailer. I love the reboot. JJ did such a wonderful job with it. I can't wait to see what is in store for the next in the series.

Christmas came early. 120k envenom crit. :P
I kinda thought the last Star Trek movie was terribly bland and boring, but I usually think that about all Star Trek things. >_> Nothing against the franchise, I just could never take it seriously at all for some reason.

The new trailer was definitely badass, though.

In other news, economics can be !@#$ing hilarious sometimes. The 5.1 gathering nerfs curtailed prospecting here for awhile, which annihilated the server's stock of vermilion onyx, creating a shortage, which drew on golden lotus and tiger's opal, driving uncut uncommon orange gems up to 50g/each.

This is like when Holland met tulips, when this crashes it's going to crash hard. XD

Well, maybe not that much. But still. It's a rather curious bubble.

Wish I could short sell these things...
It's basically a near perfect future for humans.

12/08/2012 07:03 PMPosted by Verelyse
terribly bland and boring

edit: I mean Star Trek.
It was very graphically stunning. But the characters and plot were just like... what...

Same objections I had to the Thor movie, basically. Just... compounded...
Not a huge fan of comic book movies in general but..

"This mortal form grows weary. I require sustenance!"
". . .You're hungry?"
Always gets me xD

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