<Optimus>LFM FC & Hpal Core RBGs!

Hey Lads & Hoes

<Optimus> is a Hardcore PvP guild that was formed during 4.1 and we've been growing rapidly ever since, we have had our downs with half the guild being bribed into leaving but it still hasn't stopped us from doing what makes us stay on this game!

<Optimus> isn't a casual guild so we don't invite all bad players, levelers and kids. We only accept Outstanding, Active and Dedicated members that love to pvp and have a good time. I do accept alts to join if your main is in the guild so feel free to get your main in the guild and join on all your alts!

We do have two RBG groups, both really well lead, We are looking for more RBG leaders that know what they're doing when it comes to giving strats, being a good verble leader and know how to put your group together!

The Core RBG group is in Desperate need of recruitment!
The Core RBG group is at 1.7kcr+ & 1.9kmmr

Holy Paladin.
Protection Warrior (Fc)

Weekdays 9:30pm - 1am EDT
Weekends 8pm-12am EDT

We aren't here to carry you within the guild so we want to you know your class and be up to standard with all the other players in the guild!

Feel Free to Add Brad#1235 for a talk about the recruitment or joining core!

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