[H]<Immortal Society> Recruiting Core 10m DPS

Immortal Society is a progression oriented guild recruiting a like-minded individual that is dedicated to our team goal. We are looking for this individual to possess a combination of skill and great attitude. The reality is, we don't care how stellar your play is, if you're a PUNK, then peace out! At the moment, you should possess a minimum ilvl of 460. Here is some information about what were looking for and expectations...

Raid Schedule: Thursday 7-10pm Saturday 8-11pm

Looking for 1 of the following 3 Class/Specs:
*Shadow Priest
*Elemental Shaman
*Balance Druid

What you can expect from Immortal Society: Strong leadership, Flasks, Food & Repairs

Our expectation of a Raider:

1. Know your class inside / out.
2. Know all the fights prior to raid night. The Raid Leader will provide direction, but you should be aware of all mechanics.
3. Be ready to accept raid invitations 15 minutes prior to start.
4. Attend 7/8 Raids throughout the month (Minimum). If you are expected to miss additional dates throughout the month, please notify the Raid Leader at least forty-eight hours prior to the missed event. If you consistently miss raids, even with notice, you may be removed from the team.
5. Be fully Reforged, Gemmed and Enchanted
6. Burn down bosses and have fun!

Loot Distribution: Roll system
1. BoP Gear: MS> OS> DE (Guild Bank)
2. BoE Gear: MS> OS> Guild Bank, to be placed in AH, or a Raider may purchase at 50% of the current value for an Alt in the guild.
3. Patterns: Maxed Profession> Guild Bank, to be placed in AH, or a Raider may purchase at 50% of the current value for its unmaxed character or an Alt in the guild.

If you feel that you represent what were looking for in a Raider and have a progression oriented mindset, please feel free to contact me in-game, through the website or a reply here.


Position is still open.
EDIT: > Any skilled range dps would fit the billing.

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