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Hi this is my first time flying to Australia to further my studies and I will be staying in Brisbane St Lucia and was wondering which internet providers can provide the best internet connection to support my gaming needs.

From what I was told, TPG with ADSL2 would be the best but i am within the 3km-4.5km range from the nearest exchange.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.
Internode or iiNet naked ADSL2+ would be your best bet.
You wont get much differences in speed with different providers. ADSL 2 no matter which provider will most likely sync at the same speeds.

For you I would say it is about latency and performance of the network. iiNet / Internode have some of the best infrastructure here for latency internationally.

If you want real word test look at some looking glases to known IP addresses to see which is best.

Good luck
Don't bother with telstra you can't even get to speak to customer service in our country.
I was with TPG for 2 years, was fine.

I switched to iiNet for a year, was fine.

Went back to TPG (only because they save me $50 a month), and aside from the Telstra guy putting the wrong cable in at the exchange, after that was fixed all is fine. 220ms Latency most of the time - which isn't bad by Aussie standards.

I'm in Brisbane, btw. Welcome Down Under :)

P.S. TPG runs on Telstra's lines and you simply contract with TPG and get support from there - everything that actually happens to the line has to go through Telstra by TPG (hope that makes sense, I'm just trying to say Telstra should be fine as well if you so choose)

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