So. What are you planting on your farm?

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11/20/2012 03:56 PMPosted by Sharkon
20 Mad Brewer's Breakfast.

Man, not even worth it. You'll cap him faster just by picking apples or waiting for his dailies to come up. :/

Yeah, I refuse to make the brewer's breakfasts for the drunk fish.

As to what I plant, I mix it up. I don't need motes for much of anything, so I don't really go the songbell route. I like a bit of variety on my farm.
11/20/2012 03:59 PMPosted by Elfindy
Planting the Raptor seeds is not really a waste of time when you have yet to begin leveling yr lw/skinner thru Panadaria

Actually, it is. You can get a max of 16 leather per day if you plant Raptorleaves in all of your plots, or you can plant 10 Songbells, turn the resulting Spirit in to the Harmony vendor for a stack of 20 leather (or scales, which you can't get from the plants), and still have 6 plots left over to plant whatever else you want.
Songbells ensure I can always have a Lord Blastington's Scope of Doom, a Long Range Trillium Sniper, and some mist goggles on the AH. They are by far the most profitable for me, if I want veggies I'll buy them. You can make a lot of money asking Jogu what to plant and then buying that crop in bulk off the AH the next day to sell when the price goes back up, a lot more than you'd make planting the crop yourself.
On this char, Magebulb... Totally worth it. :)

On the Mage (Tailor/Inscription) and Paladin (LW/BS) Songbells for motes. Still need to craft gear for people in the guild.
I'm currently still leveling my cooking, so whatever I need for the feasts and rep. After that though, herbs and motes all day.
Songbell as it's one of my main sources of income.
11/20/2012 02:24 PMPosted by Saev
Songbell Seeds all day erry day.
I am planting nothing D: Isn't that awful? I forget about it constantly...too wrapped up in pet battles.
Cabbage and Witchberries for my cooking (I think it's way of the Brew but I forget) after that it's on to the next cooking recipes.

ok I lie, apparently I am actually cultivating Wild F$#@ing Growth so that I have a whole 16 plots of bloody waving tentacles
I generally plant vegetables since I'm trying to level all my cooking paths. It's a PiA but fun nevertheless. And I still want to name my dog :/
11/20/2012 03:46 PMPosted by Sharkon

This plants is not what it seems i read tool tip and thought it be great for pest. Sadly found out it was not what i expected:(
Songbell will give you the most bang for your buck. If you have nothing profession-wise to use the Harmonies on, then trade it in for some Golden Lotuses.
11/20/2012 02:24 PMPosted by Saev
Songbell Seeds all day erry day.
Mostly Songbells since I capped out all the Ways, but lately I've been doing Snakeroot. My miners haven't been leveled yet, but my BS needs the mats to level.
OK, convinced, next crop will give songbells a go, can always use more leather and def golden lotus, thanks:)
16 plots of songbell and roughly 100 plots of Jogu's predicted vegetable.
4 songbells, 4 mageflowers (correct name? - enchanting mats) and 4 witchberries (trying to level Brewing Way). The last 4 spots opened last night but company came over and I didn't get to plant them. I haven't decided what to plant in those last 4 ...

edited to add: I have 6 or so lvl 85+ alts farming their 4 plots for cooking mats, which are sent to an alt who's my "green grocer".
SongBells,but recetly Turnips so I get a Terrible Turnip.
Over 100 crops and not ONE Onimous Seed!
Half vegetables for the banquets (I am going for Master of the Ways).

Half songbells.
I'm after more tokens for my flippable table at the moment so I plant whatever Jogu says I should.

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