So. What are you planting on your farm?

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SongBells,but recetly Turnips so I get a Terrible Turnip.
Over 100 crops and not ONE Onimous Seed!

Just FYI, you don't have to plant specifically turnips for the Terrible Turnip. I got mine off a jade squash harvest.
I'm planting veggies that I need to make the feasts that still grant me skill-ups. Any extra plots get snakeroots for my jewelcrafter. Once I'm done with all my cooking specialties, though, I'll probably shift to doing all songbells.
Half songbells and half enigma for my alchemist to make flasks.

Once and a while, if I've accumulated enough songbells to last a while, I'll plant some veggies so I can start leveling the other cooking ways.
I plant one of everything. =p
I plant whatever Jogu tells me to plant. 112 veggies per day, which I can usually sell for at least 500g.
Planting the Raptor seeds is not really a waste of time when you have yet to begin leveling yr lw/skinner thru Panadaria, I have 1 lvl 90 who is my main and then this character who is barely into Jade Forest yet and then 3 more 85's who I simply am not yet rdy to hit Pandaria on yet so I plant their mats so to speak to give them a professions boost before ever hitting the new zone.

For me it is a winwin since all 3 lvl 85's are now headed for max skill with lw/skinner, miner/eng, herbalism/alchemy and tailor/chanter. Maybe by the time they hit Pandaria, their profs will be maxed and I can then AH my wares:)


My LW is leveling without actually killing a single beastie (too bad you can't skin those damn hamsters and brown birds). Obviously handout leathers and scale is the epitome of lazy profession leveling but I'm saving my alts to play after the holidays when this main will slow WAY down after exalting everything. That's my plan.

I plant the drunk's recommendation with 7 alts and the main usually plants songbells but now that I have over 30 spirits of harmony, she grows veggies sometimes. Need more tokens to buy that flipping table. Or frying pan (does anyone know if you can transmog it? It's like a mace, isn't it? Beat people on the noggin type weapon.)

After 2 months, still not tired of of the whole farming thang. But then I'm also playing HM: A New Beginning when afk.
I'm planting Enigma Seeds.

4 Golden Lotus today.

What's your crop of choice?

As others have noted - Songbell Seeds. Unless I need veggies for this or that, it's only Songbells. ~4.5 Golden Lotus every day (unless I need my Harmonies for Ironpaw Trophies or epic armor)
11/20/2012 03:52 PMPosted by Rygarius
Why is it his farm? He doesn't do anything, he just stands there

Farmer Yoon only works when you aren't looking.

Farmer Yoon is a Quantum Farmer
16 plots of Songbells every day since I'm done with my cooking.
11/20/2012 02:24 PMPosted by Saev
Songbell Seeds all day erry day.
11/20/2012 04:02 PMPosted by Sharkon
Planting the Raptor seeds is not really a waste of time when you have yet to begin leveling yr lw/skinner thru Panadaria

Actually, it is. You can get a max of 16 leather per day if you plant Raptorleaves in all of your plots, or you can plant 10 Songbells, turn the resulting Spirit in to the Harmony vendor for a stack of 20 leather (or scales, which you can't get from the plants), and still have 6 plots left over to plant whatever else you want.

OR you use that spirit to buy 3 golden lotus and sell those and buy like 10 stacks of leather.
I've been planting only songbell for a while now, but lately I've started mixing in a couple others to get some cooking mats.
I am glad you guys can reply within minutes to pointless forums posts.
This isn't a personal attack just saying.
Since weeks people report and ask for options about misflagged loot.
GUESS WHAT not a single reply.
Spirit weapons to lock and mages
One hand tank weapons to dks...
List is long and I am sorry but how hard is it for 16 bosses to double check flag the loot accordingly and hand it to the right people.
I am happy that you can fix PvP strip items and points yet since the release of mv and all other Constance you guys can't correct and fix a couple items and classes with loot flagged wrong.
But I am glad that I know what you farm.
Have a good day.

I really don't want to derail this thread.

If you've haven't yet, please report misflagged items (include the item name and spec + class it was misflagged to) on the Bug Report forum. If you have already done that, thank you for letting us know. When more information for that topic becomes available; that information will be posted via blogs, forum post, or patch notes.

Stupid hawks, why you try to eat motes of harmony?

Stupid hawks, why you try to eat motes of harmony?

They should at least do their "bird droppings" when we kill them and give us moar seeds (not that seeds are expensive or nuthin).

11/20/2012 05:54 PMPosted by Malt
OR you use that spirit to buy 3 golden lotus and sell those and buy like 10 stacks of leather.

You can trade in spirits of harmony directly for leather or scale for a guaranteed stack. Lotus prices are down to about 100g on my realm, what's a stack of leather worth? See, the lazy prof leveler doesn't even go shopping - just sit like baby birds with their mouths open for more mats.

To the derailer: Ry can post a nice personal post here in a few seconds while any problem solving will require reports to dev/meetings/project management and programmer assignment. Think about what you're comparing here.

Also he can better service the forum by fixing the quoting glitches! =P

Unless I don't need them, then Blossom trees.
11/20/2012 06:08 PMPosted by Jinthiel
then Blossom trees.

Whyyyy? What do you do with them...just make pretty?

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