So. What are you planting on your farm?

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Depends on my character as to which will benefit me the most. But definitely motes on my JCs with a significant skill. I've also done Snakeroot and Enigma. And my level 85s/87s have to plant vegetables.
10 mote trees, 1 of whatever Yoon asks for, and whatever the bumper crop will be for the balance.
On this toon I plant Snakeroot, I know I could go and actually farm my ores being a miner and all but I'm lazy so Snakeroot yields me my ore with minimal effort.

On my Druid it's Songbell, again I could farm for them but I'm too lazy to do it plus I can use them to make items from LW to sell.

On the Hunter(currently 87) it's whatever vegetables I happen to need for cooking.
I plant enough songbell to finish off a spirit every day and then the rest is all enchanting mats.
Giant tentacles and omg...birds....
I'm planting Enigma Seeds.

4 Golden Lotus today.

What's your crop of choice?

I'm planting MVP's so that I may harvest their souls later...

<Whispered something> What do you mean I'm not a Warlock!?

On my rogue I use the Wok, so I plant a lot of those seeds needed to make the Wok tables. (I forgot what they were called) >.>
11/20/2012 03:52 PMPosted by Rygarius
Why is it his farm? He doesn't do anything, he just stands there

Farmer Yoon only works when you aren't looking.

That would explain why one of my plants ended up being chewed on by a vermin who wasn't there last night.

I still want to shoot Yoon.
I've neglected my farm for a week now. Should probably visit it. Grow some more cabbage and witchberries...
Enigma seeds for golden lotus on my pallies farm and songbell seeds on my warriors farm.
I would love to point out how much I agree. I've been trying to get the attention of Blizzard about Sha of Anger not giving loot TWICE, multiple bugs involving Shado Pan dailies, not to mention CRZ crap, and at best I get told tough cookie. Yet, these senseless posts get blue posts smeared all over them. Are they even listening to real issues or just reading the bs threads on lunchbreak? I love MoP at first, but now, all these bugs are driving me nuts and making the game BLOW.

The blues here on the forums are the monkey wranglers, they don't deal with the game itself. Take a chilly pill.
I'm planting gnomes. Seeing if the magical soil/water there, if anything, will make them bigger!
11/21/2012 04:34 AMPosted by Aarkan
The blues here on the forums are the monkey wranglers, they don't deal with the game itself. Take a chilly pill.

Not sure if my previous post was any indication or not, but it's really hard for me to feel chilly right now.

You should. Giving CMs the business isn't going to get your problems solved.
Songbell on my druid to fuel her guild LW work.

Enigma on this toon and my hunter.

Veggies on my other toons that aren't able to get to exalted yet.

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