So. What are you planting on your farm?

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Song Bell. I have TONS of spirits.
If I need food I plant scallions. If I don't need food I plant songbells. I don't use the +300 food because I raid normals and I refuse to ditch my friends for the sake progression anymore, even if they do trip over their own feet sometimes, and the extra 25 spirit won't make any difference to our progression.

I tried planting Jogu's foods but songbells are just better money, I can sell a 100 stack of food for about 300ish, a leg armor for 800 at a minimum.
I plant whatever seeds I have on hand to get them out of my bags first. I'm sure I'll have a use for those pumpkins some day anyhow.

Then I plant Enigma seeds, and maybe some snakeroot. Depends on which alt needs what for whose profession. : )
11/20/2012 02:24 PMPosted by Saev
Songbell Seeds all day erry day.

Songbells. Songbells and Motes of Harmony EVERYWHERE.


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