(A)(US)Turalyon Triumph LF Tank/DPS 10MSV 4/6

Guild - Triumph lvl 25 Alliance guild on server US Turalyon

Needs - We are currently in need of 1 Tank (Non Druid/Monk), 1 Plate DPS, 1 Warlock

Raid Times - T/W/TH 8pm - 11pm Server (Eastern Time Zone). We expect people to be on by 7:30 to start preparing. Invites go out at 7:50

Current Progress - 4/6 MSV 10

Triumph History - We are a newly formed guild as of right before the release of MoP. We have a core group of five players that are Gm's/Officer who all know each other IRL and are very educated when it comes to the game. We are raid experienced, some since vanilla and others starting at BC. We are new to running our own guild and raids. Even with that being said we are not looking for people to come in and try to run the raid or people who are high on their own horse, although helpful and friendly people are always welcomed. Please remember we are going through progression and there will be wipes, don't get bent out of shape. We do expect people to be well prepared and knowledgeable on what progression we are going for at raid time. Please know your class and be raid ready before contacting anybody from the guild about joining. Our current raid make up is as follows

Tanks - Druid/OPEN
Heals - Priest/Sham/Druid
RDPS - Hunter/Mage/OPEN

We are trying to fill slots so people really wont have to fight over gear. As of now with the ten man make up we are looking to spread gear by master looting and rolls. This could change in the future to a DKP type system but that is still something that is being discussed by the officers of the guild. More likely of happening if we are to get a 25man group going eventually.

As for the people in the guild right now it is a good mature environment. We are ball busters and do enjoy a good laugh every now and then. Please don't be afraid of any constructive critisim that may come your way, also as i have said before most people in the guild are very raid experienced and we all want each other to play to the best of our abilities.

Contact Info - Please send in-game mail or whisper one of the following. You can do this by creating a level one character on our server.

Guild GM -
Asomugha (Alt+0225 for the first A)
Nero (Alt+0209 for the N)

Co-Gms -
Pence (Alt+0233 for the first E)
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bro whats good
up we go !!
Also we have only raided last week due to people not showing up. But we went 4/6 first week of raiding. We are just in need of people who can listen and be reliable and show up every raid day
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Still in need of 1 Tank (Non Druid/Monk), 1 Plate DPS

come join our team !!!
If you have any questions, my battle tag is Kraig#1462. In need of a tank asap!

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