Tuesday Question: Dumb Ways to Die.

I was, honestly, going to write about fishing this week, as it is the topic of somewhat vibrant discussion in my guild. Until I saw this...


(Note: Those of you who read the subject line and rolled their eyes are no doubt already familiar with that song, and quite possibly have avoided reading this post altogether. Those who are not familiar with the above video **EARWORM WARNING: SONG IS VERY CATCHY**)

For those not familiar with this song currently going viral across the world, this is part of a safety campaign by Metro Trains in Melbourne, performed by Tangerine Kitty (Emily Lubitz of Tinpan Orange, and Ollie McGill from Cat Empire) and has now become a firm favourite during our daily Two Minutes Hate/Company Singalong here at Torchsong Towers.

I have an American friend, who, while occasionally very blunt and outspoken, is one of the finest tanks I have ever worked with, and during a recent conversation with him regarding some aspect of the game, came out with this quote: "The content changes, the game can be different, but the stupid remains the same." Of which we in the group all nodded sagely, murmured our agreement, and then all died when the hunter pulled half a dozen trash mobs in Mogu'shan Vaults too many. (Not me of course, some other hunter, I was on my Monk).

So there is one dumb way to die, the hunter in question, was an alt of someone who had a beef with the off tank, and thus engineered the groups demise, and his swift exit from the raid. There are other ways of course, this game offers you the player a virtual smorgasbord of silly and hilarious exits from this world, from a poorly timed jump off an elevator, to a keyboard battery dying just as you are running to catch up with the group, running straight past them into the waiting arms/jaws of the boss or his guards, wiping out the group. (As happened one night to a guildy in ICC with the Bonestorm boss, to much hilarity from us and profuse apologies from him).

So, with all the /played time under your belt, have you ever killed yourself or unintentionally killed others in a way that, on reflection, was frikin hilarious?

Tell us your story.
Always wanted to md those demon things in Well of Eternity onto the group, just fr the fun of it. MD > Exp trap >Multi-shot > findoutthedemonswontbemisdirectedandproceedtodie.
>Doing normal Spirit Kings cause ceebz Heroic
>Be fish first or second raid
>MC boss is last
>Boss casts MC
>Niyan,Potato,Eruptor,Dolan kill fish
>Welcome to BMH

>be colcannon
>fall off cliff

>be colcannon
>run through cobalt mine

>be colcannon
>disengage away from jasper chains partner

>be colcannon
>don't MD because you don't want to pull threat

>be convictfish
>Be in eye of the storm
>Match starts, bubble dissipates
>Try to drop off the side to prevent mass fall damage
>Some #!%#!*%% priest slowfalls me
>Slowfall off the edge of the map

Story of my life
-Try to be scumbag dps
-prepot and pull boss on 1
-globalled by boss
>Be in this thread
>be seeing all hurtful comments
>be hurtborken
>kill myself
>whole realm very sad
>be in this thread
>see convictfish post
>see Blizzard Mentor Horde
>be hurtborken
>neck myself
>fish very sad now
>fish neck self
>valdin see fish and snaj are die
>valdin very sad and casual
>valdin fall off building on construction site
>no one cares

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