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Hey there, Blackrock!

Have you found yourself left in the dust by the break-neck pace of which most people leveled and geared up for raiding? Are you constantly looked over because you don't have 50 thousand achievements or raid experience dating back to Vanilla? Do you dream of being a part of a team that values you as a person over what amazing DPS you can pull? Well then, you are in luck!

Our Wednesday 10 man team is currently looking for a few DPS to come along and slay internet bad guys for purple pixels with us. We meet up in Azeroth at 3.00am server every Wednesday and Monday for approximately 3 hours each night. This team currently has vacancies for a Hunter and a Mage/Warlock/Boomkin/Ele Sham. Due to a late start and many pesky real life issues for some of our members, we are currently a 2/6N (Don't laugh!). There are no fancy loot systems here, just the luck of the /roll to determine who gets the lewtz.

More about Concur

Concur is a West Australian based Horde guild on Blackrock(US) which is currently 2/16N. Our times suit Australian players (Raids start at 7.00pm WA time), but we have many members from across the globe. Our raid times are limited to two three hour sessions a week, and we like to make the most of that time! We expect those interested in raiding to have put a decent amount of effort not only into ensuring that their character is the best it can be, but that they have also taken the time to master their class and study each fight before we pull.


It's not just all about the raiding, though, and we have a thriving social atmosphere where people may have a few light-hearted jokes, but it never breaks the "Don't be a d*ck" policy. We want our members to feel comfortable, no matter what their persuasion IRL.
So, if you are rocking out an average ilevel of 460 with all the right enhancements, have Mumble and want to raid with a group of people who like to have fun and kill internet dragons, then we want to hear from you! No raid experience necessary! You can head over to our website (http://concur.wowstead.com/recruitment) and drop in an app, or you can whisper Divinya, Kaidà, Disconcur or Nerisanda for more information.

Don't miss this opportunity to score yourself a core spot in a team of fantastic people :)
We are still looking for eager DPS who would like a chance to experience current content with us. Don't be afraid to whisper any of us if you have any questions, we won't bite! (Though do watch out for a certain Warlock starting with X. He will try selling you a timeshare on the beach or something dodgy like that)
We're Still Looking for Eager DPS to Raid with us!

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