(H) Incursion Recruiting

Area 52
Incursion is a level 8 guild recruiting.

We currently consist of 4-5 players who have been together since Vanilla WoW. We are currently recruiting all types of play!

We would like to find a good group of people to run Heroics, level the guild, and make a really solid 10 man raiding group! The members we currently have are very skilled raiders and would like to add a few more people to form a group to raid 2-3 nights a week!

If you are interested feel free to message me at anytime!
We are now level 11 and planning on raiding Thurs/Fri 9pm-12am server
We need couple more players to fill our core raid group, Btw we are also willing to run you through heroics to help you get geared enough for raids, we are starting fresh with MSV
Currently Needing:
Hunter or Ele Shaman
Raid times are Thurs/Fri 9pm-12am server
We are also accepting socials
Currently Recruiting:
1 healer (shaman or priest)
2 ranged dps(mage, hunter/ele shaman/spriest)

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