[A / H - RP] Bounty of Twilight

< The parchment is hung in great multitude within all Alliance capitals, as well within numerous surrounding provinces in lesser degree. The message therein evidently has also been spread throughout Shattrath, postings placed aloft for all passerby to know. >

"To whom it may concern,

Greetings to all during this great season of celebration and thanks. The time of Pilgrim's Bounty is upon us and so the spirits of giving and charity request from all their willingness to see the festivities enjoyed by all. It is during this occasion that the Twilight Empire welcomes such willing persons to participate and attend feast in honor of this mirthful time of year.

Within the humble sanctum of Shattrath's Scryer Tier will gathering be hosted for any who seek in peace to meet and extend hand of generosity as one. A great assembly shall take place here, among the diverse and varying who have so decided to set aside the woes of the world for but one night so levity may be truly partaken of. This season of prosperity yields message for all, a togetherness which may be so shared and garnered to warming fruition. The vision of the Twilight Empire resounds in affirmation of this message and so are all kindred souls invited to attend. Seek our gathering upon the 30th of November, to commence in revelry at 7:30pm.

Those whom welcome this opportunity will we received with open arms equally so to those who approach with reserved wariness. All are encouraged to arrive alongside friends of old so that together they may perhaps join friends yet to be, we sincerely hopeful for your presences.

- The Twilight Empire"

(( Happy Pilgrim's Bounty!

We of the Twilight Empire hope to see this even truly flourish during this time of year, to see the RP community of Ravenholdt in force! To this end are all welcome to join us in celebration!

- The event is to be atop the Scryer's Tier of Shattrath (Outside of the Guard's interferance)

- The Festivities will begin at approximately 7:30pm that evening; however, all are welcome throughout its duration long after!

- During the event will the Twilight Empire be offering use of our own IRC Channel so to promote Cross Faction RP! Information will be given during the occasion!

We hope to see you all there! :D ))
Set some extra places at the table. All available members Bloodfury will be attending.
11/22/2012 01:31 PMPosted by Sisanej
Set some extra places at the table. All available members Bloodfury will be attending.

(( We look forward to it! ))
Set some extra places at the table. All available members Bloodfury will be attending.

(( We look forward to it! ))

(( Indeed, we do! :) ))
I will also drop by.
(( Looking forward to it =) Hopefully I'll have enough time to stop by and see everyone! ))
*Tiraslin reads the notice, and grins, shaking her head. "I can't think of a better way to spend the evening" she murmurs before strolling off whistling.
((So many new scents to sniff!))
(( *Horde BUMP* Its tonight! ))
(( Thanks, Sisanej! I hope to see some people there ^_^ It should be fun! ))
(( Thank you to who all attended and participated in this event! We had a wonderful turn out and it was a lot of fun =) ))
(( I Just wanted to thank everyone that attended and contributed to this lovely event! It was a great success and well to see so many Rpers gathered together for a festive evening! (certain pyrotechnic display bugs aside... >_> <_<) ^_~ Thanks again, especially to those whom helped its maintenance and making! :D We hope to see many events carry the same spirit and success in the future! ))

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