Alter Time broken in PvP combat.

Bug Report
I put in a ticket on this as well.

In pvp-combat, alter time is INSTANTLY used when acrtivated. No count down followed by the time warp. This has happened EVERY time I've tried to use it in pvp/combat, well over a dozen times.

I am aware that dispel magic can affect it. I can not rule out dispel magic was not involved EVERY single time, except in the last fight I was just in. I had just killed my pvp opponent, and then while still in pvp/combat, pressed alter time by mistake, and it was STILL instantly used. At that point, it was clear, this is a BUG. There were no other pvp opponents around, I know this as I had blackened Worg buff on.
What do you mean by instantly used?

It's supposed to put a buff on you with a short CD that, after running out, will put you back as you were when you hit it barring death or dispel.

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