Blood DK LF 10m Raiding Guild

Recently reactivated.
Blood (474ilvl) Frost (473ilvl)
MSV (4/6) HoF (2/6)

6/8h DS Pre-Nerf. Tanked for Tuskarr, Shadow Fall, Craigslist Characters, and a few others. Filled in for several high ranking guilds during off weeks, maybe someone can vouch.

Similar heroic experience as Fire Mage and Resto Shaman.

Have lead consistent raids for both 10m (cata) and 25m (wotlk) heroics.

Taking it easy this expansion.

Interested in a quiet 10m guild, 2-3 night a weeks. Relaxed heroic progression would be nice, but I'm not in any rush. Also very interested in starting Challenge Modes.

2100+ RBG Experience (Commander) where it's applicable.

Real ID: Django#2718

PM or In-game mail is fine.

Note: At the moment I can't make raids that continue after 11st (12est).
C-c-c-c-c-c-combo Breaker!
My guild and I will be transferring in towards the end of next week and working on recruitment. We currently need 2 RDPS and 1 Tank for our core and would be interested in having you as our Tank!. We require a minimum of 470 ilvl from all applicants to begin raiding with us (as we won't be doing much with MV, Doing a few bosses in there then heading to HoF for the bulk of raiding week. We hope to have cleared HoF and ToES by mid-Jan. and getting into Heroic Mode progression for MV/HoF.

We raid 3 nights a week and 4 hours a night,
We are a serious raiding guild, but by no means are we hardcore.
If you can make our times work, Please get in contact with me :)
(T/Th/M 9PM-1AM Server time.)

During Cataclysm We cleared 8/13H T11 , 6/7H T12 (HRag during T13),
and 8/8H T13 (5/8H Prenerf).

If you're interested please add me to battle tag.
Fuzed#1672, I'd be very interested in speaking with you.
Alternatively, You may go straight to our guild site and apply by clicking 'recruitment'
on the main navigation bar :) - XiTGuild.Enjin.Com - Hope to hear from you soon!

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