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Have some sort of obsession with arms and hands or something? I mean, first Luke loses his hand, then Anakin loses HIS hand, and in Episode III his legs and the rest of the pre-wounded arm, and I think a few people in other books and games also lose arms and hands all the friggin' time. I mean, seriously?

I'm not totally sure why this thread even exists; I just kind of felt like putting it here.
Can't kill off a character but want to make something dynamic?

Off goes the limbs
Still has nothing on Fullmetal Alchemist amputees/Automail. :P
It's a subtle plea. Lucas just really wants a hand.
I'm fairly certain Anakin's hand loss is meant to show a parallel between him and Luke. The rest of Anakin's maiming is probably symbolism about him losing his humanity and becoming more machine than man.
Eh light sabres, what do you expect?
When making Star Wars, George Lucas was heavily influenced by Japanese films, especially the films of Akira Kurosawa. And in the Japanese martial arts tradition, there's this whole thing about cutting off body parts of your opponent.
Hey if lightsabers were real, this would probably happen a lot more often in real life than it does in the Star Wars movies.

Also you forgot about Mace Windu in Episode III by the doing of Skywalker, as well as the Moss Eisley spaceport scene in Episode IV, just to name a few more.

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