[H] < OFTR > No longer raiding =(

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We have called raiding as of 8/13/2013

It was a fun 2 years, and I want to thank all of these individuals:

Holyradiance, Cevk, Lora, Emrys, Cairme, Armmageddon, Aiyanna, Abscond/Karma, Krucks, Shrimpers, Foree

It's been beyond wonderful raiding with you guys and I wish you all the best.

Several top notch players, and they certainly deserve the best

It's been great, and I couldn't have asked for more of you guys.


We have no intentions, as of this point, to try and get the guild back together at any point.

- Carbuncle
No one shot macros, please.
I like turtles
I Heal.
Amber Shaper Unsok down, Shekzeer at 20%
Still looking!
Should be 15/16 tonight!
Shekzeer down, Heroic MSV comin up!
Bump for kool guys
Heroic Stone guards, and Feng down!

Garajal close! Should be 3/6 H tomorrow
Thx for the bump Far, still looking!
Sha of Fear almost dead, only had 2 pulls on him, but will go down easily this week. What a long monotonous finisher!
< Removed >
Sha of Fear down! 3 days for Heroic progression, things a movin'
Heroic Garajal down, Elegon going well!

Four Kings next week!
Elegon down, with plenty o' time to spare. Doing Heroic Tayak and Four Kings next week!
Holy pally 491 have multiple 95+ percentiles and a couple rankings came from hardcore raiding guild quit now want to get back into it just server xfered lemme know baumgart2@yahoo.com real id

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