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Holy pally 491 have multiple 95+ percentiles and a couple rankings came from hardcore raiding guild quit now want to get back into it just server xfered lemme know baumgart2@yahoo.com real id
Heroic Four Kings down, working on Will this week!

Still looking to get a stable alt run up, just need 2 non-braindead tanks!
Looking for a disc/holy priest to fill our core group's position ( raid parses preferred )

Can talk in game for more details, or if you have any questions. We are looking to fill the position fast, preferably by Tuesday.

If you are reasonably geared, but not that experienced, do not feel hesitant to apply. Most of our group is focusing on PTR testing and 5.2 more so than current content so we can maintain competitive server progression.
Bump with that spirit shell.
Position filled, still looking for potential fillers

Disc/Holy priest
Shadow priest
Arcane/Frost mage

Progression picked up after people coming back for break, H Ta'yak down, Windlord going well, Heroic Lei Shi / Emperor soon.
Should be 7 - 8/16 H next week.

Also looking for geared/knowledgeable players for CM:Gold. Shooting for 9/9 in the near future.
Monday, Friday, Saturday: 6-11pm / 3-8pm EST
Can add myself, or Holyradiance's battle tag if interested, seeking an elemental shaman / frost mage / frost DK.
Need a Disc/Holy Priest bumpy bump
Still looking, Windlord going well! Need a consistent healer to push progression throughout 5.2.

Now looking for either a priest, shaman, or druid - we have no need for another holy paladin or mistweaver monk.
Priest / druid healer preferred with ability to play shadow and balance for 5.2 progression, but not mandatory.
Forget to switch forum characters Holy? ^_^

Still looking!
Looking for an exceptional Boomkin/Mage or Disc/Holy Priest, mage and priest MUST be able to play an offspec.
Hachacha bump
Still looking for an exceptional boomkin / disc priest!
Great group of people to raid with, fun as hell too.
Thank you Aiyanna. It was also a pleasure to also raid with you as well. :) Still looking for an Exceptional boomkin/mage/Disc Priest

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