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Thanks for the bump - still looking for an exceptional boomkin/mage or Disc/holy priest.

Just contact me here, or in game and we can talk - Not looking for anybody inconsistent, if you can't commit to our schedule, I encourage you to look elsewhere.
Recruiting a Hunter/Boomkin to get settled in for 5.2 progression.

Raid position takes effect February 19th.
Still looking for an exceptional hunter/boomkin

We are progressing on Heroic Windlord and WotE. Please have logs
^ Also looking for a consistent player for 9/9 Gold, we are trying to replace our flaky member. Need a skilled Frost mage, SV/BM Hunter, or elemental shaman.

Must be able to use mumble, bring pots/flasks, food, otherwise, we just want to finish.
Still looking for a hunter ( primarily )

Will still accept an exceptional boomkin ( must have parses )
Position filled.
Heroic Windlord down, Heroic WotE monday + next week, Delver soon!

Heroic Lei Shi, Vizier and Ambershaper afterwards, progression picking back up!
Bumpity bump for new tank!
Bump for the blood. Still looking! Considering a Mistweaver Monk with a windwalker offspec, or a Resto Druid with a Balance offspec.
Bump for tanks so foree will stop crying!
Madame bump since Dexaria can stop his raging anger for no reason.
Still looking!

If you wish to apply, please contact one of the officers in game AND send in an application on our guild website ( this only takes a second ) @ oftr.wowstead.com
Position filled for now, Could always use a few extra tanks just in case.

Bench/Filler positions available:

Tank -
Blood DK - HIGH
Brewmaster - HIGH
Prot Warrior - HIGH
Guardian Druid - Med
Prot Paladin - low

Dps -
Balance Druid - HIGH
Shadow Priest - HIGH
BM/SV Hunter - Med
Combat/Assassination Rogue - Med
Frost/UH DK - Med
Shaman - low
Windwalker Monk - low
Mage - low
Warlock - low
Feral Druid - low
Warrior - low
Paladin - Not recruiting

Healers -
Resto Druid - HIGH
Resto Shaman - HIGH
Mistweaver Monk - Med
Disc/Holy Priest - low
Holy Paladin - Not recruiting
Bump for Horridon!
Council / Tortos goin' down tomorrow

Stilll looking for any exceptional fillers, or more casual raiders for possibility of filling raid days for Friday, Saturdays, and Mondays. May also be considering a second raid group in the future.

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