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Working on Magaera atm, should go down smoothly tomorrow night!
Ji-kun going down tomorrow, can't wait for Durumu, looks like lots of fun!
Durumu progression going well, dat Life Drain + Force, pro combination
Primordius / DA tuesday/wednesday night!
Still looking for more raiders ( primarily back-ups ) for Monday progression nights.

Also doing alt/t14 clears on Monday if ToT progression isn't scheduled. If you are interested in a spot, you can whisper me or Holyradiance in game!

Monday night optional progression times will be from 8:50 server to 11:00pm server.
Should be on Twin Consorts tonight!
Iron Qon and Twin Consorts down

Guess we didn't even need the celestial aid.....

Lei Shen going well, almost in final phase - Dat Static Shock!
Heroic Jinrokh on Tuesday!

Normals done!
H Jin multiple sub 10% wipes, he will die tomorrow

Testing out Heroic Tortos / and Ji-Kun in addition to H Horridon before clear.

Progression going well!
Bump for killing Jin Rohk days ago
H Ji-Kun tonight, good possibility of a kill!

Tortos / Horridon after
Heroic Ji-Kun dead, working on Horridon next week!
Nice job Krucks on tuning up our website!


Stream links added
Still looking for extra bodies on monday nights and for Heroic T14.

Will be consistently running CMs in 5.3
Now looking for a healer with a dps offspec for Heroic progression, or Disc/Holy priest

Priest / shaman preferred, also looking at Mistweaver/WW.

Not considering a holy paladin at this point in time.

If you have any particular questions, feel free to add one of the officers battle tag or contact Carbuncle / Holyradiance in game.
Heroic Horridon down

Also down to 3 nights a week, and looking for additional raiders for back-up nights / T14 Heroics during downtime.
H Iron Qon 2 shot

Working on Tortos, should be dead next week, and Primordius soon after!
H Tortos, sub 10% first night of progression

Would have went down if our shaman didn't disappear.

Should be progressing on H Primordius tonight!
Good luck - I'm sure you'll be dining on turtle soup soon enough.
lol, very true

Tortos dead!

Working on H Consorts and Primordius!

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