hacker ploy discovered.

I recently found my account hacked after recovering my account i found my character inside Hall of lightning and apon exiting i was greeted by big group of lvl 90 alliance farming people who come out. now after finding my hearthstone location changed to bouldercrags refuge and seeing a massive boneyard of corpses. i return to the entrance of Hall of lightning to find huge group of both alliance and horde lvl 90s farming people(lvl 85+) exiting. this seemed more than a coincidence. is there something going on? are these players hacking accounts to gain honor, money? i have a huge list of player names participating in this. As one of the people that had my account COMPROMISED because of this, i want to bring this to people attention.Has this happened to anyone else on this server?is this OK to do?Am I just CRAZY and this all means nothing?!?!?
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