Please... disarm my feral druid more.

11/26/2012 06:29 PMPosted by Aylisaes
That helmet makes your head look several sizes too small.

Lack of Flesh and muscle tissue tend to do that.
11/26/2012 04:20 PMPosted by Topchef
disarm works as a debuff for ferals, take away 2k pvp power +stats

this is about 9-10 percent damage reduction for 10 seconds.. which makes a big difference

In my opinion you probably faced a warrior and beat him shortly after he "disarmed you"

you probably thought you were really pro, really showing a scrub what for and it went to your head while you were laughing to yourself because you got disarmed when you "don't need a weapon to attack" no sh8t you don't need a weapon, we are lowering your damage. what don't you get about that?

Answer this: if you had the opportunity to reduce an opponents damage by about 10% for 10 seconds would you do it?
Not even mad :>

Because I know I can still chew you up!
11/26/2012 06:36 PMPosted by Zots
All I'm seeing is a sub 1550 Feral Druid that dug up the most idiotic reason to post on the Warrior forums and is now trying to milk this thread for all of its angry warriors.

No one is mad, this is how normal people react when handicap people say something so stupid. We try to explain things to handicap people.
Lol@ OP and this thread.

Feral Druid kills warrior by kiting him around and mashing mangle/rip/rake? Watch out, we got a badass over here!

Disarming a feral is a valid strategy brah. It does not affect bleed damage, but it does significantly affect direct damage like shred and mangle. Sorry if you were too busy being a wanker typing /lol at warriors to notice.
Oh god. He's on my server and from SWBRB.

Enough said. /endthread
11/26/2012 06:36 PMPosted by Zots
All I'm seeing is a sub 1550 Feral Druid that dug up the most idiotic reason to post on the Warrior forums and is now trying to milk this thread for all of its angry warriors.

A winrar is you!
This thread delivers, or something.
Why is this druid so mad about?
IM tired of other classes complaining and crying about us.... and i dont even pvp...last patch no one took it more in keyster than warriors. NO ONE im reported every complaining troll face that puts a post up thats counter productive to our community period. enjoy the bans
I don't get it. If you think it's so stupid and "Lol" about it, then why you so mad that the warrior disarmed you? IMO, the druid lost and couldn't find a high crit TFB in his logs to complain about and so jumped to this. And again despite the number of people telling the OP why warriors disarm kitties, he still goes on and on about it.

Kinda funny really.
Oh god. He's on my server and from SWBRB.

Enough said. /endthread

What's requiem?
11/26/2012 05:28 PMPosted by Khamûl

You know your class is beyond OP when one or two talents is the reason you made a warrior. FOTM'ers are cute.

It feels like every single one of you are trying to defend the use of disarm, and make excuses when you all know there's better things to do to get an edge on a feral. Nobody thinks that technical.
"Maybe if i disarm here he will do 400 less damage with his next shred and i'll be able live long enough to..blabhablhablhablhblblah." No. It's a panic mode reflex, and I commend the first warrior to post here and admit that.

I would duel you and not use disarm and still win.

I'd even pop my AoE fear just to /dance right after I made you go into pure panic mode and swap to bear and pop every survival CD you have.

Just kidding, after your CD's wore off, I'd use disarm just in the hopes you'd come back to these forums and complain about it, after I killed you with an execute.

LOL THIS. i salute you good sir.
Op still won't ever make 2200. Get mad.
Actually disarming a Feral does disarm them. It doesn't keep you from attacking because you don't use your weapon for that.

However, for the duration of the disarm you lose whatever stats/ap/pvp power/resil you had on that weapon, as well as taking a permanent health hit from the stamina lost while it was unequipped.


Plus it's not nearly as funny as a DK who pops AMS in a 1v1 against a warrior.
In my opinion druids are just as much of a b!tch as my pally is...

Shapeshifting to break snares all the time (b!tch ability - you must suck with mobility on other toons, or else you wouldnt be playing a b!tch toon)

Travel form - (b!tch ability - man im scurrd of combat so im gunna run away like a b!tch)

Cyclone - (b!tch ability - im gunna be a b!tch and constantly cc because im a lil b!tch... hell i might even heal my a$$ to full several times with this b!tch combo because im trying so hard to earn b!tch of the year title)

Stealth - (b!tch ability - i need the first attack on my opponent because im... well.. basically a b!tch)

Symbiosis - (b!tch ability - i need another players b!tch abilities to be the best b!tchy mcb!tch... ps im a b!tch)

Roots (b!tch ability - i die if i dont have distance with my target when im dying like a b!tch)

Bear form / bearskin (b!tch ability - when being a lil b!tch fails... i pop out the big b!tch moves and have my dmg taken reduced and regen my health like some hardcore b!tch)

... druids need a bigger b!tchbuff because im still destroying your a$$ lil b!tch
Funny post I'll continue to disarm you when you Pop your CD's and think your going to ravage spam me because you probably don't have a weapon chain. When you finall get out of that get ready for fear I hope your willing to trinket.

I played some feral this season and sure you beat most crappy warriors but honestly decent warriors shovel out much more damage than you do. You also have problems with second wind because you lack an execute.

Btw tons of DK's blow AMS against me wth do they think I'm casting? In some bgs I could see them not wanting to be interfered with, but I've had alot of DK's do this 1v1 its tempting to ask.

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