Need a video Card

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I have just got done building my new computer.
Asus p8z68-v
128gb SSD
8GB ram

I just can't kind a nice deal on a Graphics card, I would like to spend around 220.
I would like to know any thoughts, i do play more then wow..BF3..etc.
Thanks all for the help :P
Radeon HD 7870 can be found around that price
yes...but Newgg is sold out of the sapphire oc 7870 that was 209. Think i should wait for it to go back down or what should i do, also TYVM Kal you helped me long ago learn to build. Let's just say i am now a network engineer thanks to your forums..all your help deserve a metal. Also what fps you thinking and link to a good deal?

Not the best card (poor cooling), but it's a HD 7870 for $190
Is there a really goo 7870 for around 220 or maybe is there anyway i can get a 6970 anywhere...And what's the average fps on ultra with low shadows with 7870?
Low shadows? HD 7870 would tear through things

Good cheap ones are sold out
Anyway i can get a 6970, i hear they are the card to have, but can't find them anywhere. Also thanks again KAl. You think if i waited 1-2 more weeks i could save more ? hope this can tear wow up with 60 fps or atleast 51
HD 6970 is thoroughly beaten by HD 7870 btw

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