4 GB RAM Installment Help!

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I was supposed to get this ram chip with 4 GB to go in my Lenovo G575 along with another 4 GB ram chip, but it wouldn't work. When I put it in, it would turn on to a blank screen. Once I put the new chip back out, it was back to normal?

So my question for you guys is:

1) How good is 4 GB of RAM for WoW in your opinions.

2) If you know any way I can successfully install this RAM. (By the way, the back of my computer has a small icon with a 10 and arrows going around it in opposite directions in a circle, and the RAM chip has the same symbol, but instead of a 10, it has a 20.

Please help and answer these !
Bump for urgency
Are you trying to add 4GB in addition to what it already has?

That might be why. Try taking out old RAM and only put in the new one.
I have already a 4 GB Ram Chip that was in originally when I got this computer. I'm trying to add to add the one I bought that is also new, 4 GB chip and tried to insert it, overall making me have 8 GB of ram
Do what I asked you to, see if system boots
Did you just buy that laptop? It has an E350 apu. I'd return it for an A6 at least if not an A8. Lenovo A6 is $350 at Best Buy.

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