Competitive Monk LF 2s/3s Healer

I am a Windwalker monk with 1800-1900ish experience on my Holy Paladin during Wrath and the first small piece of Cataclysm. I am looking for a competitive Druid or Paladin HEALS to play 2s and 3s with. I, personally, am aiming to be a high-rated monk in an Expansion where we, as Monks, are considered "gimped."

If we play 3s I will primarily be looking for a RESTO DRUID. Later, I will look for a Warrior as this is a strong team setup.

If we play 2s I will primarily be looking for a HOLY PALADIN.

Hit me up at my Battletag, Tsunami#1383, for any questions you might have. You can see my gear to the left if you click my character icon. Yes, I will be getting my weapons as soon as I cap this week.

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