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I'm not the best with computers so keep that in mind. I'm building a desktop right now with a 750 watt power supply and 939 socket motherboard. What would be the minimum components I would need to run WoW at max settings?

LF things like amount of memory, graphics card, processor and any other suggestions.

I have about $500 to work with and I already have a pretty nice monitor. Thanks!
Running WoW at max settings differs depending on your term of max. It also varies based on the resolution you plan to run at. Assuming you're running 1920x1080 (1080p) on a single monitor, it doesn't require too much. WoW is more... processor intensive than graphics card intensive compared to modern games coming out these days.

My first suggestion to you would be to not build on that socket motherboard. 939 is pretty outdated and might not even be able to run WoW at top end settings if you max out whatever processor/graphics card you throw in there. I would suggest a Sandy Bridge socket 1155 or AMD AM3 socket motherboard. Both can be found for relatively cheap with a mediocre processor. Slap a graphics card in there, preferably 128-192 bit with at least 1Gb GDDR5 memory and you should be able to play WoW very nicely. If you absolutely have to stick with your current 939 motherboard, here's some suggestions to get the most out of it.

The only processors I can find for that socket are single and dual core. Dual core would be a necessity really, with base clocks around 2.2ghz you could maybe attempt an overclock of a couple hundred mhz to get that going a bit better. If your motherboard can support it, 4 gigs of memory would be nice. You're very limited on memory here, with it being DDR and low clock speeds, so the RAM might actually bottleneck you when playing WoW. Depending on the PCI-E slot you have, if it's Gen 2 you're in luck and can use really any graphics card out nowadays for it (check my suggestion on graphics cards in the 2nd paragraph). If it's Gen 1, you're going to have to do some hunting.

Good luck.

Read this guide, it teills you everything:

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