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I can't get past the PLAY button. I click it & it returns me back to PLAY button...Very frustrating!!
11/27/2012 12:34 PMPosted by Killercaitie

It didn't make it in for 5.1, but that doesn't mean that it's not coming.


Hopes just got face-punched again.

I really don't like reading a sad post from KC.

I don't even play a lock and even I feel sad for you. It's been 8 years, but I hope my warlock buds get green fire soon.
Please unnerf shamans not being able to do anything but thunderstorm while silenced and stunned is too much.
anyone know where to buy the patterns for the new tailor created pets?
11/27/2012 11:57 AMPosted by Bilsabob
I dont mind many of the new changes but if your gonna attempt to balance something after 8 years and 4 expansions THEN BALANCE IT. i have 5 toons and one thing i would like to point out is now spealsteal for a mage is 60k+ mana for one cast, but everyone else who has a similar dispell hasnt had to deal with and increase. Would have been better if they just changed spellsteal into a dispell. the ratios while fighting to recasting buffs and stealing wont work. 5 toons and 6 years later for me i think its about time to shutdown WOW untill they or someone else makes a balanced system. Hope to see others pointing out the rest of blizz's mistakes. I mean after all we do it all the time, and it seems to change things i just dont know who they are listening to......

No one cares. Get over it. Play better.
i cant even get the patch to load
While it's great with the "Friends on the Farm" achieve, I won't be getting any more Marsh Lilies, Jade Cats, Ruby Shards, etc, what do I do with the ones I have now? Should I hold onto these and hope that in a future patch they will become Bind on Account or just trash them?

No additional Void Storage, still? Blizzard, you're killing me! Give us collectors another tab or more options? What's the purpose of giving us awesome armor, weapons, and trinkets if we can't keep them?

Hooray for "food bags", but it's not like I have the tokens to buy those right now. :x Would be awesome if you'd get an Ironpaw token for every The Tiler quest you do. Or at least, more than one per day!

It is unbelievably trivial to farm Ironpaw tokens. If you need a cooking bag I would imagine you have a decent stock of food which you can trade in for tokens.

I would agree here, if not for the fact I have other alts that I'd need the excess foodstuff for. Most of my Ironpaw tokens end up going towards Soy Sauce and other things for the "Master of the.." quests. The easier solution would be to have this done just on one alt and forget the rest, but I can't seem to ignore it. D:
Why can I not log In to WoW.... I hit the play button and it acts as if it was going to send meinto the game and then the play button appears again.. Any way of fixing it or something.
great, scenario cache loot is now ilvl 450 instead of 463, didnt see this mentioned anywhere
Nice job on the patch Blizz. Im quick to call you guys on junk but this is actually enjoyable =)
Why can I not log In to WoW.... I hit the play button and it acts as if it was going to send meinto the game and then the play button appears again.. Any way of fixing it or something.

Doing the same for me still. I can't get past play button.
11/27/2012 11:36 AMPosted by Daxxarri
Oh, also: realms are live a bit earlier than anticipated

Don't worry, the forums will find a way to spin that as a negative.
how about you fix the bugs you have before realeaseing new content considering this is the 2nd time uve screwed me out of conquest points my cap is 1800 againw hen it should be 2400-2500 thx AGAIN blizzard
Hey do you think that Healing spells for Pallys that are in DPS or Tank and are out questing and get their health low when the Lay on Hands spell is not available and all they can use is Word of Glory or Flash of Heal and even thou' DPS and Tank Pallys only have a certain amount of mana that is only the amount for 2 Flash of Heals, my Pally has a total of 32,000 mana and the Flash of Heal spends 12,540 mana. i think they should really lower the amount of mana spent on Flash of Heal while a Pally is in DPS or Tank spec. When im out questing i get to low health i use Flash of Heal twice and then i run out of mana then i die and one thing that REALLY need to be change about it, too, is the amount of HEALTH it heals someone, for me it only heals me 2% of my health per heal. Do you think they should really increase the amount recieved from Flash of Heals and decrease it amount of mana used to use it both by 90%?
Yeah i think they should, too, I mean the Flash of Heal really does burn down a Paladins mana really fast.

its so dumb that a Flash of Heal like on you pally for example it has 32,000 mana and the Flash of Heal uses 12,540 mana per heal it useless if it only alows a max of 2 heal and only heals you 2% of your health that is so dumb
Hey if there were rumers about hunters able to have 2 1-handed ranged weapons equiped instead of having a 2-handed ranged weapon on it should be that. Hunters should be able to have a 2-handed ranged or 2 1-handed ranged weapons equiped. 2 GUNS... that would be awsome
Exactly what this game needs.....MORE dailies.


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