servers up, no new pets?

Pet Battles
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11/27/2012 09:45 PMPosted by Tyburn
Battle Pets was too fun as side game, better inject painful grinds that are hard on casuals.

I know, right?
11/27/2012 06:31 PMPosted by Bashiok
The new pets are on fairly long spawn timers, and are randomized (i.e. will not spawn on server restart). We've confirmed they have been spawning on some realms, so just keep an eye out!

Forgot to mention this decision is dumber than the live action Dragon Ball movie. Yes I am very mad.
11/27/2012 06:37 PMPosted by Bashiok

Is "some" realms rather than all the realms working as intended? Which special realms are these so I can go make alts on them?

They're random, so they're not going to spawn on every realm at the same time. So yeah, working as intended.

I think this is a load of BS, with cross realm zones all you do is frustrate us with this new addition. After all the camping and farming I did for the already bogus rare pets, I have to do it AGAIN for these new ones!? So much for being excited for nothing. CRZ would be a non issue if one 2 or 3 servers were together, not 5-6 including already high population servers when mine is medium. So I get to camp for Eons for these pets against other medium servers and a few high, and still cant find any fricken healers for MoP raids. Thank you blizzard for making the biggest thing I like about MoP a pain in the butt because of your stupid CRZ.

Hurray for being excited about new pets.
This is, by far, the worst decision Blizz has ever made about a new feature.

"I know guys, lets add a bunch of new pets that everyone's going to want and make it so that if 1 of these guys shows up on your server all day, you're server got super lucky! Won't it be fun for all the people who are sitting around, staring at their screen, waiting hours and hours doing nothing at all? THIS IS BRILLIANT!"

Good going Blizz. At least old pets were farmable. Now I just sit and stare and do nothing. You guys are bloody geniuses!
people seem upset, even Ronbeargundy weighed in on it. I hope we see patches making this at least a little tolerable, it's one thing to extend the existence of irritating mechanics (minfernals etc) but to explode them to the majority of new pets seems a tad...

...oh I SEE, you're all gearing up for the warlock green fire in 5.2 now, and have unleashed your inner evil! Bravo!
What other reason would they nerf xp? Just to screw with players? This is an honest question. Why do you think they nerfed xp?

While no doubt it was because of leveling speed. The simpler way to fix it would have been set shares of xp for teams always and make tamers quest undroppable. People who weren't using nishi pr something nishi like were not leveling very fast, now imagine how slow they will level.

They had other choices and the only xp changes listed in the ptr notes were buffs. While I certainly knew nishi would be fixed I didn't see all leveling getting gutted. I personally will be fine as I can mindlessly grind with no issue, I am sure others will have issues with it. It would probably be helpful if they at least gave us a clue as ro what they were thinking.

As it stands pet battles is given very little info of the hows and whys of its part of the game. Asking for more info is the only logical recourse.
Trolling panda, you're so cute! Can I rub you behind your ears?

Cute trolls aside, I'm glad more people are seeing this and voicing concerns/dissatisfaction. For a patch that was supposed to be pet friendly, so far we have

A] Lousy spawn timers
B] Raids that are still unsoloable unless you are extremely skilled or lucky
C] XP nerfed into the ground. I thought I read they were increasing the XP you got, not decreasing it. Maybe I read it wrong. Announced or not, leveling is a chore no one enjoys.
D] Who's gotten a wild battle stone? Be honest.

This patch has been a serious, serious, serious disappointment in terms of pets. There was so much good in the announcement, so much fail in implementation, it makes me wonder if Blizz wasn't trolling us all along or if Blizz isn't trolling us right now...with a certain level 1 panda....
I got a robobear last night the same way you're advised to get many pets - kill all the non-battleable pets you see. Only a common, but still, got one. There are non-battleable pets around the snow ring outside the walls of the town, and a few within the town itself. Kill them and wait a couple minutes.

There had actually been one up when I flew in (this is NOT related to CRZ). I landed, saw it, went "ooh" because I didn't know it was new but I knew I didn't have one, had to switch pets to the appropriate level, and someone else swooped in for it.
I love the idea of killing the non-battleable pets (and battleable pets of the wrong type) in the area...only 1 problem...there are about half a dozen people just sitting there, doing nothing, waiting for spawns. So while I am busy killing critters...a mecho-bear spawns...and someone else gets it...

EDIT: There are also some of the new pets, like the eyes, that don't really have anything to kill around them...

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