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I see people using the term "hard work" to justify the borked CRZ spawning when it suits their argument and tries to claim that others don't "work hard" when they state their time investment and efforts. At this point "work hard" has turned into just another buzzword/phrase like the term "entitled". A friend of mine got his minfernal by parking his paladin in Felwood with NPCscan running while playing xbox games. Did her work hard? Doesn't seem so to me since he essentially let a mod do all the tedious waiting while he did something else.

I can see a recurring and very worrying personality trait with some of the individuals posting here that support the low spawn rate pets and that is "As long as I have it no one else should have it because the effort I put into getting it is more worthwhile even if others hunted double or thrice as long as I have. I want to have something no one else has to validate my existence as a wow player." It's so very disappointing to see people like this.

Personally I wish CRZ didn't mess with the pet spawns so more people I can fill their collection however I am grateful that Blizzard introduced the upgrade stones so we can upgrade our vendor bought pets, I'll still remain a rare hunter though. Thrill of the hunt and all that.

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