Thundering Pandaren Spirit

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Just wondering if anyone out there has managed to take this fellow down yet.

I am currently 0/22, using a variety of different pets. His Elemental just demolishes anything I throw against it.

If you have managed to take him down, please share what pets and skills you used to do so!
Which location is that?

Have done them all just can't remember based on names.
He is the one right above the Shrine of Two Moons on the ledge between Kun-Lai and Valley of Eternal Blossoms.
Alright looked it up.

I used a Flayer to take down the critter with Rampage.
Then sacrificed my Flayer to get through the initial stun and burst of the elemental.
Brought in Magical Crawdad (most crabs would work, high hp is best) and chucked down a Whirlpool then spammed Surge.
For the beast I used a FAST rabbit. This way you are resistant to their burst (elemental vs critter) and you also have double dodge + burrow for avoidance -- slowly beat them down while laughing on full hp.

ETA: make sure you get the critter first. Keep resetting until this happens if necessary, makes it much easier.
I ended up finally winning that fight while using a Rare Nordrassil Wisp, a Clockwork Gnome and the Curious Wolvar Pup (despite him being green), leading with the wisp against the earth spirit.

My wisp's speed just barely edged out the spirit's, so I'd open up with a Blind -> Light combo to try to avoid both the first turn stun and his heavy earth attack, then immdiately went to the Wolvar, set a trap, and pummeled him until the spirit went down. When the critter ooze came out, I just wailed at him and put down another trap until the wolvar fell, then brought out the clockwork gnome to finish the job and to take a couple of swings at the beast. Its first move was always that damage reduction shield so I didn't bother using a turret, but I did get lucky and manage to dodge one attack before he dropped, self-rezzed and then died the next turn.

After that, the wisp came back out. Thankfully he was faster than the beast too, so I did another Blind, Light and Soul Ward. Ended up avoiding 3 of his attacks in a row from that, and finished him off with a second set of Blind and Light.

I still feel like I got extremely lucky, though, and it took a heap of deaths and pet team changing before I managed to do it.
I used a flayer with reflect and critter attacks on Sludgy. I managed to reflect and land its haymaker attack, which did a lot of damage. The flayer survived through most of the earth spirit's fight, and I finished it off with my purple puffer (Surge, Healing Wave, Pump). The tunneler creamed my puffer, though not without taking some damage itself. I finished it off with my darkmoon zeppelin, which was able to block most of the damage through Decoys.

ETA: make sure you get the critter first. Keep resetting until this happens if necessary, makes it much easier.

That's it in a nutshell: figure out who on your team you want to run first, and keep resetting till you get the opposing one you want to start with.

That, and you know how you leveled up one (at least) of each family? Yeah, you'll be glad when you're doing this one. :)

I picked the fire guy, and he's pretty cute looking. I was surprised you could cage them, but I'm keeping mine.
Pretty sure I used magical crawdad, flayer, tolai hare

Crawdad can almost solo the spirit
Flayer pretty much soloed the other pet
Tolai hare took care of the mouse. His dodge ability saved my !@#$.

I started w/ the pandaran spirit first.
I used a level 25 Dragonbone Hatchling (Thrash, Adreneline Rush, and Lift-Off), a level 25 Emerald Whelpling (Emerald Bite, Emerald Presence, Emerald Dream), and a level 20 Dark Whelp (standard stuff).

Was quite easy, didn't even need to use the Emerald Whelp.
Seems like avoidance powers are the keys to most of these fights. I used my darkmoon rabbit on all but one while running dodge/burrow. I used wild crimson hatchling with heal/liftoff on 3 of 4 as well. I used a blighthawk and spiny terrapin in the 4th slot each getting 2 fights in.
This guy was definitely the hardest for me. I used Mr.Pinchy to take out his ele and after he died my sprite darter hatchling and lil'deathwing finished up the others. I picked this guy as the quest reward for two reasons. He does happen to be my favourite look wise, and I don't wanna have to do his daily lol
Just did it

Thundering Pandaren Spirit
[Nordrassil Wisp] vs elemental
[Cheetah Cub] vs critter
[Snowshoe Hare] vs beast

Whispering Pandaren Spirit
[Nordrassil Wisp] vs moth
[Gregarious Grell] vs drako
[Crimson Geode] vs elemental

Burning Pandaren Spirit
[Gregarious Grell] vs all

Flowing Pandaren Spirit
[Nordrassil Wisp] vs Tiptoe
[Gregarious Grell] vs fish
[Crimson Geode] vs elemental
I used Frosty, Celestial Dragon, and Spectral Kitten. Took 3 tries but I managed to beat him.
Snails are very good against NPC elementals. I must say that pandaren spirits were tuned a bit higher than normal grand masters. Took some work but I killed them all.
He was by far the hardest one. I used Toothy (or any croc for that matter), Sprite Darter Hatchling, and Curious Wolvar Pup.

They are my only 25s, I would have taken one out if I could., but they still beat him eventually.
I used Oozeling, Grunty, and a rare Masked Tanuki. Grunty for the mech damage to the beast without the mech susceptibility to ele attacks (plus the shield soaked some big hits), Oozeling for the aquatic dot on the elemental, and the Tanuki for the critter invulnerability to stuns plus beast damage to kill the critter.
I agree, he was by far the hardest.

Try using a snail against him. The critter passive ability was the breakthrough for me. Without all the stuns, he is not that hard to beat. I used the level 10 heal, shell shield and dive. Beat this team twice today.

My other pets were a Rabid Nut Varmint and a Shore Crab.
No matter what group I use I can't get passed his stuns. He will open with a freeze, lose a turn and then my RNG has gotten a stun on his next round. If I get the critter first I can sleep him but he will sub the elemental in and I'm back to the stuns. Super frustrated with this guy. Have seriously tried a minimal of 10 different teams and can't get passed him.
Beat all of them just now with azure whelping and double blighthawk. Hope this helps.

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