Thundering Pandaren Spirit

Pet Battles
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i did them all with a:

celestial dragon
azure dragonling
phoenix hatchling

no problems at all, just had to be careful on who i put the hatchling against.
Purple Puffer vs Ele- swapped to Molten Hatchling while stunned
Giant Sewer Rat vs Beast-no beast moves mean a hard hitting critter is fine and takes less damage from Stone Rush
Molten Hatchling vs Critter-this pet carried the team really

I beat this one on the second try with this comp.
deepholm cockroach
darkmoon zeppelin
flayer youngling

This particular fight wasn't pretty, but my theory was that the tougher the opponent, the more powerful cockroaches become.
Hyjal Bear Cub

Restart until he starts with the critter, kill it with the bear cub. The bear cub should then eat the stun and the follow up attack from the elemental. Then use the crab to kill the Elemental, using Whirlpool and Surge. The crab should survive the elemental and get a couple of hits on the rat. Then, it comes down to the Rabbit using dodge on the burrows and hoping you get lucky and Burrow doesn't miss, and Flurry occasionally gets more than one hit in.

This took many tries to get the luck to finally work out in my favor. (No misses on important abilities.)
Disgusting oozeling is very strong against all npc pet trainers because they do not pull their pets back to deny him his combo.

Aquatic pets are strong against elementals, so a magical crawdad can surge those guys down, while staying ahead of their heals with mists and wish. Crawdad got a huge buff because his cool down now runs when he's on the bench.

I think my third pet was a blighthawk, but. I beat him with a different lineup the second time. I might have used a darkmoon rabbit.
Flayer Youngling vs critter
Lil' Ragnaros vs elemental
Curious Wolvar Pup vs beast

Just got lucky when his attacks missed. Took me a lot of tries to defeat him. One shot the other 3 tamers, this guy was a pain.
I used my Flayer's reflection to get past the initial stun. After that it was much easier.
I used the same pets I always use because I'm too lazy to level more: Darkmoon Zeppelin, Sprite Darter Hatchling, and Emerald Boa.
Frustrated ... very ...
My all-star team for beating the Thundering Tamer was:

Alpine Foxling ( beast) to counter the critter
Mirror Strider (Aquatic) to counter the elemental
Tiny Harvester (Mechanical) to counter the beast

Against the other tamers, I subbed in, as appropriate:
Moonkin Hatchling (humanoid) against dragonkin
Oily Slimeling (magic) to counter flying
Wild Golden Hatchling (dragonkin) to counter aquatic

Honestly, the only tamer that gave me trouble was the Whispering one in Jade Forest, until I brought in the dragon instead of the flying pet.
Part of the trick is just bringing in the right counters and restarting until you get an appropriate matchup right off the bat. (And, of course, accepting that 2 pets will almost certainly go down by the end.)
Marsh Fiddler against the Spirit: Screech, Cocoon Strike, Natures Touch
Onyxian Whelpling against the Ooze: Tail Sweep, Healing Flame, Fly
Clockwork Gnome against the Squirrel: Metal Fist, Repair, Build Turret

The Fiddler was the game winner here. Since after screech the Spirit will go second it made things much easier. The spirit always opens up with the stun followed by the attack that has a chance to stun. I only went on with the battle if the second attack did not stun. The start looked like this: Stun, Screech, Cocoon, Screech, Natures Touch. Then I just kept using Cocoon Strike and Natures Touch on cooldown.

I was able to Kill the spirit and bring the Ooze down to half before the Fiddler bit it, then I would bring out the Onyxian Whelpling to tailsweep to bring down the Ooze using Healing flame if needed.

Then for the Squirrel he always uses the shield first then burrow, so I started off with the tail sweep then fly so his burrow would miss and my fly would connect. Once Ony went down I brought out the Gnome and Metal Fisted the squirrel to death, the Fail Safe system allowed me to finish things off. Hope this Helps.
imma say it again..snail pet >> elemental
Defeated all four spirits using the same team:

Silkbead Snail
Wild Jade Hatchling

The key to beating these guys is using avoidance abilities, and Snails absolutely destroy elemental pets.
thundering spirit owned my pets over and over.
The elemental needs a nerf he has dodged every single 5 round CD i've used in 18 matches and hits between 520 - 940 damage -

This is just retarded you can't heal through or out DPS it.

Just a giant waste of time

Or you could read and see he was handled and stop trying to use suboptimal teams. Yes you are going to probably have to level stuff you don't have at 25 already. The good news is a lot of the stuff that works well is 20+ already so you won't have to level much.
I used Landro's Lil XT, flayer youngling, and blighthawk to beat most of these, swapping out xt for a crocolisk on one of em, I forget.

Lil XT as an opener, forfeited until oozeling went first. Heartbreak + Tantrum nearly killed the ooze outright, and even though expunge hit both times, mech resists magic. XT died, but then rezzed and finished him off with a normal attack. The rest was easy. Blighthawk on the elemental with the usual liftoff + ghostly bite, and the mole was down to less than half after Tantrum so I finished him off easily with the flayer.
For the Thundering Pandaren Spirit I used

Mirror Strider for the Elemental
Shorecrab for the Critter
Mountain Skunk for the Beast.

Sounds like a crazy comp I know, but it worked. The skunk's use of Stench against that annoying beast, plus it's heal, made up for it;'s low dps. Took awhile to kill it but I eventually got it.

Anyone else have issues with disappearing from WoWprogress? Myself and two friends who are 1,2 and 3 on our server are no longer showing up on the rankings =/
I ended up beating him with...

Clockwork Gnome (Against critter - Turret/Fist/Fist/Turret/Repair/Fist - Critter was dead then. Take the Stun and the big hit from the Elemental)
Purple Puffer Fish (Against Elemental - Pump, Water Jet, Heal, Pump (Was lucky with a Critical Hit or I would have needed another Water Jet) - Elemental was dead with help from leftover turret - Puffer hit the beast once with Pump, then died)
Darkmoon Tonk (Against Beast - I knew that the beast's damage ramped up crazily, so I went for a quick kill. Hit it once with Shock and Awe (No luck with the stun), Missile, then an Ion Cannon for the last 900 or so to kill it)

I went with the Darkmoon Tonk, because everything else I put infront of the last enemy ended up going down before it could land the killing blow. I figured the beast took extra damage and the Tonk would die, then reactivate due to it's passive, getting a chance to land the killing blow.

Turned out that it worked.

I took the Earth elemental pet, so I would not have to farm him later, though once I level up a snail, I might give him a few more tries.

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