Hunters get the (arrow) shaft yet again!

Sad to see Blizz so fail at PVP balance in BG’s in general. They prioritise quick queues but stick you with a 15 min deserter when you enter a battle that’s often so alliance sided. Often we suffer from lack of skill, gear and most of all healers. This has been going on for years and can see the emphasis has always been something else – pve...making the game pokemon or most of all – money. You need equal number of healers to melee to ranged to fc’s. There has to be a gear filter, skill filter and most of all balance. Blizz still ignorant to the fact that NOBODY wants to play a premade especially when you are NOT IN IT. This just ruins the fun and our time in game for the day. Further, you make the game even more lopsided when you ONLY reward winners with conquest. You can’t fail on all accounts and not reward the victims of the game with nothing but frustration and a few fail honor points. Granted the 5.1 patch allows for item upgrade with honor... but when that’s said and done? Then what? Still going to subject us to 10 losses a day for 1 win? This fact is even harder felt when a GM tells me that blizzard has no way of knowing the ratio of wins to losses for both factions. Ignorance is bliss I guess. Himmm...biss...blizz...ignorance... NVM.
So the aforementioned being said, I go on to my main topic – blind stupidity. You can’t make GOOD changes just by listening to the masses. If all the little pokemon kids in the class cry for coke and you give it to them does that make it right? NO. You can’t nerf the living hell out of hunters and not do the same to the other classes. You can’t have balance when those in charge of creating balance have balance issues of their own. Sure you did some tweaks here and there but just today I was 2 or 3 hit killed. I can’t 2 or 3 hit kill any well geared class but a Mage did it to me and so did a lock. You give other classes so many cc’s and so many cc breaks and so many bursts... it’s not even funny. You further give some dps classes self heals that are considerable and let’s not go into healers who can just stand there and out heal 5 dps on them...still not as bad as in cat but still an issue. You can’t give healers 50 cc breaks a defeats the reason for cc’s. My point is you OP some classes and become hypocrites when you don’t address those but instead, single out a class that’s one of the least utilised in bg’s and arenas – the hunter. You gave hunters in bm spec lynx rush and bestial wrath to compensate. You know very well that hunter class in arena and bg’s were fail before you did this. Then you go and patch 5.1 nerf...why give us something to work with and in the end nerf the hell out of it? Did you not expect any backlash or someone to question this tactic if you can call it that...
I said what I had to say and hope that you can set aside your balance issues, ignorance and general stupidity...and what I mean by general stupidity...I believe you guys suffer from “group think” know...all the sheep going in 1 direction and the odd sheep out going the opposite way? The majority think the 1 sheep out is a real idiot...but when you pan back and see the bigger picture...the masses are headed for a cliff and to their doom.... Let’s hope you guys can pan out far enough to see the big picture...and save yourselves form pending doom...
TLDR im going to assume you are someone who sees nerfs for his class and thinks its the end of the world.

BM is still too strong, even with all the nerfs. I got burned down through Combat Readiness AND Evasion in about 5 seconds for god knows why. Lynx Rush still tracks through vanish, and Stampede should be removed from arenas and RBGS, its the same as Army but it has ZERO cast time AND BM mastery increases its damage. The Beast Within is still unshivable EVEN THOUGH its description is "Enraged" and last time I checked shiv is supposed to remove enrages.
Yeah, they do need to remove stampede, but not from arena. They need to remove it FROM THE GAME. BM is the only spec hunters can use now because all of our skills and talents benefit BM more than any other spec. MoP hunters need to be redesigned, but this won't happen.
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Wall of text crits you for 500k.


Well I managed to get through some of it .. and be assured it's not just Horde side that have these woes ;)

I agree with you though - there does need to be some sort of PvP gear cap because I even see players in lv80 blues, cata PvE, and (on occasion) worse!

And I'm all for capping healers too. Was in several BGs yesterday where half the team were healers (ie.. 7 healers in one Arathi Basin, and 8 in the other.. 5 healers in WSG). The argument 'their DPS wont be high' simply doesn't wash. Capping nodes and holding flags is about survival, and too many healers will easily sway the balance.
What can I say...I do enjoy reading comments and seeing what you guys have to say. I am in no way 100% right and you can see my message was being typed while in nerd rage mode. LOL That said, there are faults to the game and that's okay too BUT not ok when they have been there for longer than most blizzard employees have been alive. You can't take care of one part of the game 75% of the time....look at !@#$ for another 15% and then contemplate pvp issues for the remaining 10% with only 5% outcomes.

I am shocked to see that alliance are feeling this as well. I have never played alliance so was assuming it was only horde side.

Honestly, stop picking on hunters. They are not the choice of bg's pvp or arenas. You defeat your own purpose when you buff them only to nerf them the first chance you get. You really need to find balance in the game for all classes. I know this is not an easy task in any way shape or form but resurrecting hunters only to kill them is worse than that girl we all knew who teased us and gave us our very first set of blue balls. You make an example of one's only common sense to do so to all classes. Mages, priests, warlocks etc all need some serious nerfing considerations. Healers in general should have less cc breaks and should never in any scenario be able to hold back 5 dps 4 dps or even 3 dps. I can understand that you have 1 or 2 on you and you can manage but only for self heals and not anything more. This way your comrades will have to actually perform that rare task of teamwork. You will force your team to protect you...and if you see it from my perspective, will actually put fun back in the game and get closer to that ever elusive balance that we all so desperately crave.

I ramble and crit for 500k LOL I like that. Remember, you point a finger at point a finger to every class...take away our stampede...take away mass dispel from priest...bubble from pally vanish from rogue and the list goes on. You need to see what's popular and what's not. If you have a class that's OP but nobody uses...nerfs are not the way to go and I know blizz got this right with the warlock. Well done for ripping warlocks apart and putting them back together so well. Locks had no rotation and no direction. Now they are a very vital part of the game. Those who play locks tell me they are a lot of fun now.

So to keep this wall of words to a min - did it to ilvl...restrictions. I have never been in a random 5 man raid with 4 tanks...4 heals or 5 make sure of that and nobody complains about balance as you make sure every 5 man raid has 1 tank 1 heal 3 dps. You really need to think about doing the same thing for bg's. So what if queues are a bit longer...they will be well worth the wait. Rated bg's are just that...rated...put together by 10 battle another 10 people....I have no problem with this. Random should not be premade...and if you wish to keep premades as an option...I again ask you consider allowing us to filter these pvp flag on or off...premade on or off... i have NEVER won a bg against the alliance that was premade. This should really ring a very loud bell...

is all I read.
r is after q pokemon boy. R...

Where is my pet...why is it that my pet leaves on his own will..enter bg...he's the middle of a battle and try to hit bw....doesn't's guys need to fix this "bug" badly.
Learn to control your pet better? It runs off on previously attacked targets. Use a follow macro with pet passive. Be aware when it's gone. Resuming and cast your BW. Lol. Noob hunters I swear.
PLEASE use spaces and paragraphs next time. Jesus.
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PLEASE use spaces and paragraphs next time. Jesus.

Seriously, I was able to get through maybe the first two sentences of your post.
Nothing to do with pet running out of range. He just dissapears. Spaces and paragraphs are for alliance...I'm horde.

Today was a better day...won 3 lost 1. That's rare and I'll take it esp when honor lvls up blue pvp gear.

Still getting 2 or 3 hit killed by other side...needs to be fixed soon but can say it's not often that I fall victum to this.

Some healers still OP...need a hard nerf.

A bg should never be decided by the number of healers you have...I notice that this is the case in most battles.
Wtf is this. I got through three sentences of that original post.

Stop complaining and start practicing. Good players don't worry about nerfs.
Something has been wrong since the patch. I have also been 2 and 3 shot by warriors, locks and shamies, which really shouldn't happen. I'm surprised that horde are having the same problem I seem to be having as I have been losing way more than winning. While losing is part of the experience the losses have been seriously uneven.
Here are 10 matches in a row

SS mines 1600 - 600 10 min horde win
EOTS 1600 - 600 horde win
EOTS 1600 - 1560 very hard fight horde win
Twin peaks 3-0 horde win
WSG 3-0 horde win
Arathi basin 1600-1250 23min game very hard fight Alliance win
Arathi basin 1600-200 fairly easy win 10 min Alliance win
Twin peaks 3-0 slaughter horde win
WSG 3-0 slaughter horde win
WSG 3-0 slaughter horde win

When I say slaughter I mean all teammates dead at the same time on a number of occasions and death in moments not even tens of seconds.

The thing is that while I know losing is part of the game, as I primarily pvp and have for the last 5 years playing, when all of a sudden I feel useless and can hardly get shots off, something has gone wrong with the toon changes.

And when it comes to stampede, locks chaos bolt or shamies lava burst should be considered for the chopping block too if hunters are to lose stampede (I'm sure there are other burst abilities in other classes that fall in this group).

Just my two cents.
Wow that's fantastic! Thank you for your breakdown. I agree with you on everything. You see things exactly my way and my frustration is somewhat less now as I’m not alone. The shock is still the fact that we are on opposite factions yet somehow we experience the same thing.
Here is something to consider... if you play a game for 3+ hours and lose every bg... then walk away and come back and try again the same day and lose and lose and lose...and you sit and tally all your losses and not a single win and the number is at around 20...there is serious balance issues. This has happened to be on two occasions. I sat back and thought...I pay to play and this game is meant to be challenging and fun. It’s meant to entertain me and give me value for money. For the PVPer...I just feel blizzard has short changed us.
Why have pvp servers like frostwolf? That to mean indicates that there is an emphasis on pvp and bg’s in general. If so, why haven’t these issues been sorted out...3 xpacs later? I donno...I just donno...
There have been times I have just been stuck there being taken apart by the other side...not being able to let of a shot or move...every cc break is met with an instant re cc. This is frustrating as hell and this is why BW for hunters should remove and resist all CC’s for both hunter and pet for at least 8 seconds.
PS – Blizzard MUST consider a premade filter in bg’s. Either a filter or remove the 15 min cd of you leave during a premade battle. I say again, we have rated bg’s....there shouldn’t be premades.
I believe you have been a victim of premades. If you get slaughtered hard it’s usually a premade.
Very good observation! Since hunters have been hard nerfed, we can’t support and naturally since hunters are the backbone of pvp (or should be) and since we have been removed as the crouching tiger hidden dragon and been given the title pokemon punching back...the transition from hard nerf to losing bg’s is only the natural progression of this thread. LOL, a mage making a comment on this thread is like the rich complaining to the poor about money woes. Epic any way you slice it.
I think poeple whining about how hunters were too op are just that, whiners. So your class got beat up by a class you used to pwn all the time...waa

I see about any healing class taking on 4+ people every single match, 380k chaos locks need not reply anywhere in the hunter forum. Spriests have no business here either. DK's need not be posting you have blood and frost spam gfto. Shamans and your lavaburst crit spam on the run burn most anyone down instantly. Mages have been great since vanilla go away stop whining here cause you got burned exactly like you burn others...

Warrior's are beasts and they deserved it they have long been the red headed step child. Hunters have been nerfed too and have only one viable spec at this time. Every single class out there has multiple specs worth using so !@#$ off people.

Hunters only usable spec is what 16th on the charts for pve and were a pure dps class stop trying to feed us flavored BS it's still BS.
dont send yer pet against a night elf....shadowmeld ftw...then yer tracking down your pet.....geezuz....101 mode boy

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