Hunters get the (arrow) shaft yet again!

You go Jello! Nice post. :)
What? Hunters are still ridiculously powerful and don't even ask me about your damn pets!
LOL Jello EPIC comment!

Ok now onto a trend that's really starting to ruin bg's and warcraft in general - bots. Because of the recent introduction of honor upgrades to blue's have been infested with bots. This destroys the game on so many levels. I hope blizzard nerd rages hard on this one and breaks out the @!$% U stick.
I enter a bg only to get disconnected just as the countdown starts...10...9...disconnected. Why did I get hit with a 15 min deserter? I did log back in straight away. Another fine point that needs to be addressed.
I'm thinking your angry because rogues are no longer the top dog. BM Hunters are not OP. I have yet to see a hunter who can take down a well geared player with only 2 to 3 hits. I can name at least 3 classes that can do this and none are hunters.
I haven't played my lock in a while. I think he's only level 80 at most. If the pet disapears as well, sounds to me like a larger problem than I originally thought. Not goood...not good at all.
my pet disappears, but I know why and just resummon. Reason: he's chasing down an enemy or mob that I had previously or currently commanded to attack and it goes too far, so it auto dismisses. I'd rather it do that, than wait for it to run all the way back (which would just make BM even worse).
I remember when rogues controlled the entire fight back in the day. They had a say when a fight long it went and when it ended. Often leaving their victims for worm food or leaving them with that horrible feeling of being denied a kill esp when you had ½ your health compared to the silver of health they had left.

I too feel Homie’s pain because you were a victim of the nerf from hell way before the hunter. At least you had a good long marathon run with your OPness. Not like the poor hunter who suffered from pre mature OPness. You know, it ended shortly after it started. We didn’t even make it off the starting blocks.

Blizzard took away our arrows and give us toothpicks to compensate. What’s next? Bow’s made in China that break on first use? <<SHUDDER>>
11/29/2012 12:39 PMPosted by Dungflinger
my pet disappears, but I know why and just resummon. Reason: he's chasing down an enemy or mob that I had previously or currently commanded to attack and it goes too far, so it auto dismisses. I'd rather it do that, than wait for it to run all the way back (which would just make BM even worse).

My pet just disappears. No fight no running off but instead is gone whenever he wishes. Often there was never any battle to begin with. So you start a bg, are in a big crowd of toons and by the time you realise he’s gone, your dead.

I suggest that blizzard consider instant reset/re spawn. I mean that the pet, for whatever reason, resummon’s or reappears beside you. If he goes out of range, he appears instantly by your side again. It just makes good in game mechanics even better. If he’s deleted for whatever reason, there should be a check and the game should re spawn him for you instead of you discovering he’s gone on a “walk about” just when you need him most. There are already too many things going on in game that I don’t wish to have to worry about something so simply fixed as this should be.
11/29/2012 01:02 PMPosted by Toskosa
well my warlocks pet will just lag behind while i am mounted and desummon.

Hey I never thought of that! I'll see if that's what is causing my pet to go on vacation when I need her most.
I have just been in five slaughters in a row...we lost in silvershard mines 1600 to nothing more than 400 or 500. This is horrible and can't see how I'm getting value for money atm. I suspect bots are a huge issue because nobody is playing as a team horde side. They all mass in the middle and that usually means bots. nobody goes for carts...just farm the middle. Also every loss alliance have at least 3 healers...we have 1 IF we are lucky. I know this is just repeats but until something is done about it, I can only report what I find daily.

I will give it a month or two more and if no announcement that blizzard is addressing bg balance issues...I might escalate my complaint to the CEO and ask that they give me a written response as to the direction of the game as it relates to pvp and more importantly bg's and bg team balance.

I might go as far as to say that in this case, forums have failed the bg and pvp issues horribly and might ask that this be reviewed as well. Those in charge of reading forums and putting things into action need to be more accountable and fixes shouldn't take 3+ xpacs later before anything is done.

I believe you guys suffer from “group think” know...all the sheep going in 1 direction and the odd sheep out going the opposite way? The majority think the 1 sheep out is a real idiot...but when you pan back and see the bigger picture...the masses are headed for a cliff and to their doom.... Let’s hope you guys can pan out far enough to see the big picture...and save yourselves form pending doom...

"Look how smart I am because I go against what everybody says, ignoring all evidence and counterarguments as an arbitrarily named conformist group"

I'm sorry buddy, right after reading that last paragraph, I totally pulled a Lewis Black:

Posting in an epic wall of text thread.
Ok so I get feared into a wall...go through the I'm falling I get kicked off wow...log back in...still still going on...wondering if we are winning or losing cuz it's been a while now...hit something while falling and die...get disconnected again...takes a good minute to log back in game...loading...loading...I'm on now and get hit with a 30 second rez...waiting waiting....I'm on....get to a at the current team stats...winning...winning....we won!

OK So I'm guessing if the game has to let me figures I need to be send to hell in a handbasket first. LOL

PS Only pokemon kids complain about wall of text. Sorry that I couldn't break it down to your level of reading... ie Little piggy little piggy let me win.

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