Patch 5.1: Realm Event Time Changes

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Let me sum up this post for everyone:

"We will continue to shill our pet project, "Cross-Realm Zones," despite the 12 or so 26-page capped threads, a thread that was capped at 546 pages, another capped at 663 pages, and - at the time of this posting - a 211-page thread that was unceremoniously unstickied, all being almost entirely dissent and disgust toward said pet project.

We will continue to claim we value feedback, while never actually responding to it aside from the generic automatic variety, continue to "clarify" things that everyone already knows, and continue to claim that the many bugs are not bugs, but "features" or "quirks" in the system. We will continue to act condescending to the playerbase for not mindlessly agreeing with us, and continue to ignore the laundry list of very real issues this "hilariously" flawed project has. We will also deny that a multitude of bugs, glitches, and exploitation opportunities were reported in the PTR, and that we ignored that feedback/reports and pushed it for release anyway.

We will also coninue to ignore the fact that our game, World of Warcraft, was never designed for the concept of Cross-Realm Zones, and defend our decision by stating that other games have a similar system, ignoring the fact that those games were designed with the system in mind. Lastly, we will continue to ignore the fact that one of our alleged reasons for the implementation of Cross-Realm Zones - empty levelling areas - was our own fault for eliminating group quests, getting rid of Elite areas, building our game entirely around the level cap, and thus getting through levelling as fast as possible, while also claiming this system was requested frequently, when in actuality that claim is spotty at best.

We hope you continue to enjoy World of Warcraft."
lol, 10/10. Couldnt have said it better than that.
This is horrible. I play on a CST server for a reason.
So, you desired to fix your problems by creating new ones.

Maybe they will listen when you people are capable of saying more than "get rid of crz nao blizz sucks". Like others have pointed out you had your chance to give feedback but you all felt it was more important to stomp your feet over intended things like pvp on pvp reams and competition for resources.

I realize you are hiding behind a low level alt probably because you are just trolling but the feedback about how bad CRZ was wasn't "crz nao blizz sucks". It was only read like that by trolls such as yourself who was probably happy for all the gankage CRZ brought your way!

Not that you'd tell the truth since you are just trolling but how much screaming would be coming from your direction if Blizz had changed everything to the point where you had to give up your dinner time in order to participate in a Raid or earn an achievement?
Yet another feature falls victim to CRZ.

Being able to chose a realm that fits your time of play was always nice. I play on a central time server, everything is scheduled around this time setting. If I wanted things dictated by PST, I would of rolled on a pacific time server. But I did not so I did not do so.

Trying to force something as a feature and breaking/nullifying other features in the process is not an improvement. For years, seamless zone transitions was boasted about. While it is still technically there, it is rendered ineffective because of servers bouncing people to other servers and the game lags/locks up waiting for the transistion to complete. (I've seen it take up to 30 seconds)

And now we lose localized time and time is standarized around a single group's location. What is the point of having a local server clock now when it rarely is ever the time of the server I rolled on from DAY 1 over 8 years ago?

For a company that is always talking about moving forward, this certainly is feeling like we're moving backwards instead.
So the time thing is fixed, neat-o.

Any word on fixing the issues with neat things (like rare spawns and rare capturable pets) you see when on a flight path getting phased out of existence when you land; so more people don't have to experience what happened to me?
11/28/2012 01:02 PMPosted by Xanzül
ROFL@ the Pro CRZ, Pro-Timechange jackanape who keeps reporting the posts of those who don't like this poor change. Keep up the false reporting. You'll find yourself banned and we'll have one less troll to deal with. /cheer

The only false reporting I'm seeing is being done by those who hate cross realm zones and can't stand differing opinions. You have done nothing but harass and belittle anyone and everyone in this thread that refuses to join in on your Blizzard bashing.
I don't know where you've been dude, but go look at the last CRZ thread. Someone's been going happy on the report button there almost exclusively on anti-CRZ people.
On one hand, it's nice to hear that time-based events that were nixed because of CRZ are being restored.

On the other hand, it bugs me that for some east coasters, the sun will now rise at 8am and set at 9pm (local).

This does impact east-coast roleplayers. ((Technically, I'm a Great Lakes player, but my state shares a timezone with the coast.)) Imagine how annoying it is to Aussies who have to relearn the relative times - again.

Its impact on me is mitigated by the fact that to the best of my knowledge, WrA is a west-coast server.

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