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And then there's the subject of 2 person mounts.

Still broken.
Still broken.
Still broken.

Ghostcrawler a few weeks back stated on a twitter they are not going to spend anymore time trying to fix the 2 person dis-mouting stated by him its working as all of you that spend real money to get a RAF mount or spent tons of gold to get sandstone drake are screwed now...they won't fix the dismounting issue.
I hate math:( i don't want to do math everytime i want to do something
Another crappy change thanks to the horrible idea of CRZ's
11/28/2012 03:41 PMPosted by Linii
And by the way, you can still do dailies whenever you choose to, in the same quantity and rate as before. Yes, really.

Actually no I can't. All my dailys were being done at 4-5AM before I had to leave for work. Now it hasn't even reset by the time I start work for the day!

11/28/2012 03:29 PMPosted by Trilliam
. . Though I believe my realm is not included in CRZ, so perhaps I will change my mind when it is.

Dream on! Every Realm is included in the CRZ. Just watch your Realm time as you cross zones.

Hmmm, I'll check it out, but apparently there was some note about it a few weeks ago. Also, we don't seem to have the problems that are being reported on other realms, and we didn't have the excessive botting issue at Halls of Lightning that was reported from about November 23rd to 26th. Oh, and I've never noticed anyone from another realm except in BGs and such.

About your problem with dailies: why don't you simply skip one day of dailies and then continue doing them at 4-5am? It shouldn't make any difference to you then. Good luck with them.
Not to diverge the topic, but what happened to the Kalu'ak Fishing Competition?
By the way, this is all the more reason to reroll on VeCo!

We don't have CRZ.

We're in PST anyway so nothing changes for the server (other than the game-wide change of professions resetting at 3am instead of 12am).

See the Venture Co realm forums for more info!

Hi Fibro.

Ah, right, I suppose I was being cruel, saying I will adapt when there's no change. I had overlooked that, since PST is NOT my RL timezone.
It's nice that you guys fixed the issue with xrealm, but this still doesn't explain why times are staggered at all. Pick a time. That's the point in time where dailies, CDs, lockouts, etc reset. If it's a weekly thing, pick a day and then it's that time on that day. ONE TIME to keep track of.

Also, I realize Blizzard is located in PST, but if you ever looked at population distribution for the US, you'll see that EST very heavily outweighs the other 3 combined.

Sorry, I'm pragmatic to a fault.
11/28/2012 03:47 PMPosted by Moused
Ghostcrawler a few weeks back stated on a twitter they are not going to spend anymore time trying to fix the 2 person dis-mouting stated by him its working as all of you that spend real money to get a RAF mount or spent tons of gold to get sandstone drake are screwed now...they won't fix the dismounting issue.

Perhaps I'm applying too much logic here, but I thought the point of 2 seater mounts was to help us play with others. Aren't they giving them away to encourage us to recruit friends, bring others into the game and as a result make Blizz some more money? And now CRZ breaks them, but CRZ is supposed to 'help us play with others'... Yeah I don't get it.

CRZ has done nothing but cause a lot of people problems, and this time change still leaves a lot of unanswered questions, such as the pet spawns & whatnot that have already been discussed here. What is it going to take for the devs to realize that the only solution to ALL of these issues and problems is owning up to the fact that their beloved CRZ is broken beyond belief and should be removed? The time zone thing is just another facet of that system that, once again, has many players legitimately upset. Not all of us have countless hours or can rearrange our schedules to coincide with PST (or whatever time they choose). We've picked the servers we played on because they worked for our schedules outside of game time. We picked those servers because that's where our friends were. Just give us back our servers already *sigh*
11/28/2012 05:26 PMPosted by Zalzi
Dream on! Every Realm is included in the CRZ. Just watch your Realm time as you cross zones.

No, she's right. The Venture Co. and Ravenholt do not have CRZ (or at least, don't have the issues). It's because they are the only RP-PVP servers in their timezone/datacenter combos, respectively. So there are no eligible realms for them to cross with.

We don't get mount dismounts of 2-seaters, rare spawns are up all the time, and we never see anyone on VeCo who hasn't been RealID invited.

So tempting. If only I hadn't been playing with a guild for going on 8 years now.

Except, you fail to realise that, perhaps, it isnt that we wont get them done, its that we scheduled our evening around the timer, had a set schedule for, oh, how many years now, and concluded out nights with said objectives. I gamed til midnight, accomplished all my xmutes, cloth maing, scroll making, and various other objectives like harvesting my farms (8 of them) then called it a night with an idea of what was going to occur the net day.

NOW, I must open my day with completing those tasks, THEn try to still get in on any dungeons, sha or whatnots going on. So, in your own words. "Sheesh people".

Edit: Sorry for double-posting :(

I don't think you understood my point. Don't change your habits. End your activities at midnight with your transmutes. The world goes on, and you don't miss a day.

Unless you can explain why you absolutely MUST do your transmutes the minute they are available without countering your own argument about wanting to keep your current schedule.

Here's an example:

If you would have done today's transmute at 12:01am before, you can't do it until 6:00am now. When you login tonight and conclude your activities by transmuting at 12:01am, you do the one you would have done this morning. You don't have to change your schedule!

Posible i missed some of your point, my point comes in here:

I pushed myself to stay on til midnight server to do my xmutes and such, farms, and finished after that. That way, when i got off work, had other things taken care of, i could get right into other things. Now, with the server changes, i have to start my day off with farm maintenance and xmutes, and waste an hour or more just tending to thoe things. It was a very pleasant way for myself to end the night knowing anything anyone could ask for was already made and I could go straight to questing, dungeons, dailies and whatnot and simply use mobile banking to distribute those items out if someone needed them.

Now, if I log in at 5pm, its at least 6 before im done with farms and daily CD burning. Though it is still being done once a day, and the amount of time to do it hasnt changed, it now burns the time when i was forming groups, doing things with others and supposed to be making progress on other things. Midnight was great (1am my time) as I was by myself and taking care of the solo things.

People are getting mad because they wont be able to do their profession CD at 12:00AM anymore? Why? Do it the next time you log on?

Before: Log on, do something that resets soon, wait for reset, do it again, log off for two days, repeat.
After: Log on, do something that resets at an odd hour, log off for one day, repeat.

I paid to transfer to a realm with resets that better fit my schedule.

I want my fee back.
wow wtf is up with this patch....dailys and cds dont reset til 6am on my server?

another painfully retarded change to the game by yours truly blizzard team
Another stupid solution to a very simple problem: with CRZ, you could do dailies on your home realm then travel outside of it via CRZ to a realm in another time zone, and wait an hour or two or three and do the same dailies again. Ditto with CDs that reset at midnight.

Easy solution: pick a time, any time, but just one time regardless of where it is in the world; then, at that time, whatever it may equate to in every timezone around the globe, all dailies and CDs get reset. Less grief in the forums, fewer lines of code meaning that the devs can concentrate on the stuff that really IS broken and really DOES have negative impact on the game.

NONE OF THE DEV TEAM should be working on cosmetic issues; FIX THE BROKEN CRAP FIRST!!!!! We still have glitches from BC, WotLK, and Cata; apparently "soon" hasn't arrived yet for those "undocumented features" even though the problem(s) moved into MoP because it wasn't fixed, or WAS fixed and they broke it again with new code that they didn't bother to test completely. In short: quit making it look pretty and make it WORK! Worry about pretty AFTER everything is functioning as intended. As for the 2-person dismounts NOT being broken -- that's what they intended -- that is pure BOVINE SCATOLOGY. If that's what they intended, I would expect to see all multi-person mounts removed from the game since, as long as they insist on having CRZ the mounts are useless. They're just making excuses (not giving reasons, making excuses) so their fragile "self esteem" can stay intact, even though they're screwing the pooch every day. If they admit they screwed up, they can't slap each other on the back and rant about how awesome they are.
Thanks to everyone at Bizzard for working so hard for all of us who play the game.

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