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I thought everything reset at 3 am PST? Why am I trying to harvest veggies I planted YESTERDAY and they still aren't up at 6am EST? Teh bloody hell...

EDIT: It seems they do not reset when dailies reset, but 15 minutes later. Talk about random numbers now...

Oceanic Daily Event Times

Note that, due to the extreme time zone difference, Oceanic realms have a separate standardized time, and Oceanic realms aren’t coalesced with non-Oceanic realms for cross-realm zones. Oceanic realms are, however, still a part of the North American matchmaking pool for Scenarios, Dungeon Finder, Raid Finder, Battlegrounds, and Arenas, in order to ensure that the matchmaking system is able to draw from a healthy population of players at any given hour. Because of this, raid/dungeon lockouts will continue to reset at the same time for North American and Oceanic realms (i.e. reset times will still vary depending on your local time).

Times displayed as Australian Eastern Standard Time ([url=""]GMT +10 hours[/url])

        5:30 a.m. EST*

        6:30 p.m. EST*

        Daily quests reset
        3:00 a.m. EST

        Profession cooldowns and farm reset
        3:00 a.m. EST

        Dungeon & raid lockouts reset
        Unchanged (times still shared between NA and Oceanic realms)

        Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza begins
        2 p.m. EST

        Battleground holidays
        12:00 a.m. every Friday - 12:00 a.m. every Tuesday EST

        Darkmoon Faire begins
        12:00 a.m. EST first Sunday of every month

*Day/night changeovers are not currently set to the times listed above and will be updated in a hotfix as soon as possible.

Just a small thing I think you guys overlooked with the Oceanic timings, you have confused AEST with AESDT. Where I am we don't have daylight savings (AEST - what is written here) so I thought I'd wander down to the fishing comp only to find it was already over since it started an hour earlier (AESDT 2pm).

Not going to rage over it but I was a tad pissed you can't even label timezones right....
I am a west coaster on a traditionally east coast server.
Even so, I think this is a bit unfair. It certainly won't do ME any harm, but having lived with the three hour difference, I can see why it would be upsetting to the east coasters.
While time zone standardization needed to happen, I think it should have been centered halfway between east and west, so neither side gets the short end of the stick.

Although I do find it amusing that I've been dealing with being a west coaster on an east coast server and suddenly things have flipped and now they're effectively east coasters on a west coast server. Still, it's not fair to them.
Daily quests reset
3:00 a.m. EST

You have no idea how badly this sucks for someone living in Nova Scotia. =/

Just another reason why I hate CRZ. -_-"
Especially if, when you first started playing, the realm they randomly gave you was an Oceanic Realm and you didn't know the difference.
Why not just base reset per player not server? I can not imagine it being that difficult.
First, cross-realm zones inconvenienced me for large portions of my time rare hunting and generally knocking out old quests. Now, I have to deal with the fact that my CHOICE to roll on an EST server to match my real-life time is now made moot. I relied on being able to do dailies right before and after rollover since I can only play every couple days during the winter.

I really hope the geographic concentration of your player base is west coast or you're making a mistake. Central standard would have been a nice compromise. Or, go balls out and make everything GMT and be done with it. Make EVERYONE use GMT so every player except those in that zone can be angry about it.

How about instead of making the time standard because of things like Darkmoon Faire and the fishing tournaments you made those zones for those events NOT cross-realm?
Well that's just making this CRZ crap even worse.

The reasons I've come accross the CRZ is terrible
1. cross realm ganking/camping. thank you blizz for making leveling just that more difficult.
2. When I'm on a flight path and my NPC scan pops up with a rare hunter pet I would like to tame I fly over there. Guess what... I was in server A when i passed over the spawn. Now that I've landed I'm in server B. That mob is not there, I've wasted my time.
3. Even more ppl to compete against in tournaments. It may not be such a big deal in the stranglethorn derby b/c your only up against 3 servers for the 1 zone. Kaluak on the other hand, every zone x 3 servers to compete against. Thank you blizz for making the derby impossible.
4. standardization of times to accomadate time limited events. I'm sorry, I don't want to be up until 2 am for something that should have been at 11 server. yes i know qq east coast ppl right? well I chose a server based on my life schedule that would allow me to work the game around my life, not my life around a game.

do we really need more reasons to get rid of it?

what are the upsides to CRZ? nothing, absolutly nothing. Sharing spawns on herb and ore not beneficial, getting ganked more not helpful, having to put off RL stuff for ingame b/c it's all Cali time not condusive to a healthy family life. come on Blizz use your brains. I know you've got some, use those big nerdy brains to see just what you've done.
this is ridicolous i live in est time zone and work 12 hr shift i have lil time on work days to get anything done let alone the 800 daily quests u have to do. i mean this is a real convenance for blizzard which i totally understand, but a real inconvenance for everybody not in pst.
My insomnia is the only reason why this doesn't bother me. I live in EST but I don't pass out till like 7 AM. Never thought I'd be happy about that lol

Thanks, Insomnia!
I have a suggestion so that we can help out with fixing the problems we run into with CRZ since it isn't going away. Can we get the name of the realm we have just zoned into so we can post any problems we have come across? There are a couple that screw up my UI making it hard to get into my bags. I would like to name the realm it happens but I don't know which one I'm on. One of the latest problem I came across was that I rezoned not just the zone but the Continent which froze up the game for a few moments.
All the complaints i have seen over the 4+ years i have been playing , i don't understand if it upsets you so much why do you continue to play ? or do you just have a compulsive complaint disorder if something upsets me as much as some gripe about i would keep my money and spend it some other way if the resturaunt you eat at sucks do you keep going there ? it's a game not a life changeing event
sitting on this game for hours on end is not condusive to a healthy family life get off the game and do something with your kids
I personally dont really mind the change either way. Yeah it threw me off when I was like "why are my professions not reset yet" because I usually do them right before I log for the night if it's after midnight (now 6 am), or if I was up for whatever reason past 3 am server when the dailies reset then I would go do those and not have to think about them the next day.

Only reason I'm a little annoyed is the fact I was confused a couple days the past week about server times, but I'll get over it. Anyone who is !@#$%ing about CRZ because of this change is ridiculous. CRZ is not stupid because of time zones, it's stupid because of the mass amount of max-level or close-to-max-level characters questing, farming, being generally moronic, etc. Time zone changes is not something to ^-*!@ about CRZ for, it's something to #$%^- to Blizzard HQ about.
11/27/2012 08:10 PMPosted by Zarhym
Note that, due to the extreme time zone difference, Oceanic realms have a separate standardized time, and Oceanic realms aren’t coalesced with non-Oceanic realms for cross-realm zones

Thanks.. I don't feel quite so much like the red-headed-step-child.. any longer :D
if you absolutely must standardize the game's time, why not at least center it within the country so that you get a more even distribution of inconvenience?

let the california hippies shift 2 hours east and the easterners can shift 2 hours west.

im not even complaining about the daily resets and stuff like that. I feel like you've really imbalanced the world's cohesion by changing things like sunrise for eastern realms is now around 9:30am in real time.
It appears this change applies to to the Wanderer's Festival as well, even though Pandaria is not part of CRZ. It is way after 9PM server time and it still hasn't started.

It would have been nice if it was included in the list in the the 1st post.
I can understand needing to centralize everything and that not everyone can be satisfied with the changes. But why PST?? wouldn't CST be the best as it splits the difference between EST and PST? A major problem this creates is for the Wanderer's festival, this now makes the EST people stay up till midnight to attend and 3 am should the first occurence not work, using CST would make it so much better for everyone. Or at least move the event forward because at this point the event doesnt even occur on Sunday any more which is in stark contrast to how the event is supposed to run!

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