Gear upgrade advice

So I was checking out the new NPC who can upgrade your gear and wondering if its worth it to spend my conquest on upgrading my weapons or just buying a new piece to replace one of my blues.

Assuming the upgrade boost the stats by the same amount each time:
Upgrading Mainhand X2
1500 Conquest points
198 Weapon Dps
32 Agi
48 Stam
12 Crit
22 Res
5 Exp

Upgrading my cloak (just as an example. Could be any of the blue offset pieces I currently have)
1250 Conquest points
126 Agi
189 Stam
21 Res
21 PvP Power
90 Mastery
I went ahead and upgraded just my dagger, the rest ill spend on buying gear, once im full ill upgrade but not until then. I am a mage however and went straight for the largest PVP power upgrade which was weapon
On my Warrior I just went ahead and upgraded my Weapon twice.

Not sure about the math, but I think the static weapon DPS gain > the other stat gains from upgrading a piece of armor.
The gear upgrades are stupid and make the game even more unbalanced than it already is. It means that people can't level alts because it'll take too long to get the conquest to buy conq gear and then upgrade it.

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