[H] Aura is Recruiting!!!

Aura is an adult centered guild looking for other compatible individuals.

About us: A group of players came together and realized, that after going through countless guilds, none of them let us be "ourselves". There was always some restriction, some obligation, or some rule that made us feel uncomfortable, uneasy, and most of all, not having fun. Tired of paying $15 a month to feel more or less forced and unhappy, we came together and revived Aura!

What we're looking for: Adult players who want an environment where they can be themselves and do whatever makes them happy in-game. We have no "in-game" requirements to join. You can be level 1 or level 90 or anything in between. You can enjoy raiding, PvPing, questing, leveling - whatever! We do ask that our members be at least 18 years old. That is our only "requirement".

While Aura strives to maintain a fun, relaxed atmosphere, we take raid progressing seriously. We require that all of our core raid members have knowledge about their class, are open to productive criticism, and are willing to do what is needed to bring the most out of themselves! Proper gems, enchants and addons are required to raid. We also ask that our DPS is doing 80% of their effective DPS. Studying fights on Tankspot or youtube is encouraged. We often sit around on vent running our toons through sims, looking for ways to improve ourselves. We want to see content, not wipe over and over.

Our Raid team has accomplished clearing many of the Cata raids (including 6/8 in HM DS), and has ventured into MoP, with a current 4/6 in MV 10.

Currently we have 1 spot open for a Warrior, DK or Feral Druid on our main Raid team!!! Though as always, anyone can apply!

Our raid days are Tuesday and Wednesday, 9pm to midnight realm time. An additional day, Monday, may be added at the raid leaders discretion for progression purposes.

Whenever we have people who are online and willing, we often are running old-world content so our players can get achievements, mounts, and transmog gear to their desire.

As we continue to grow as a guild, we will work hard and diligently to make runs of content available for all of our members to experience.

We are always accepting anybody who wants to play in a fun, relaxed and unique environment!

For questions, curiosity sake, or to fill out an application, please visit our website at:


or whisper any officer in-game!
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