LF Mage Tier 3 on Black Market

I never completed my tier 3 at 60, I didn't finish it at 70, but now it's back so I wanna finish this set. The only pieces I need are Helm, Robe, and bracers and gloves!. If these pop up on your server PLEASE let me know. US servers only. Will give you reward for notifying me.
It's a shame you didn't post this earlier :( there have been a lot of mage pieces on our BMAH. I know the gloves and bracers were up at least twice each. Dunno about the helm and robe though.
Bump. Helm and Gloves!
I believe I just saw the mage helm on Kel'thuzad, will confirm for you when I'm out of this bg!

Edit: The auction just came up, still set to "Very Long"
You, are a golden god. Transfer pending. Will msg you ingame, or inbox you with real ID.
Transferring and everything for it haha.

I hope you wear it with pride then. :P
You bet :)
hey, gloves are up on my realm if you are interested

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