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11/30/2012 07:46 AMPosted by Firefoxs
I am just here to post my thoughts on this. I have been out here farming in Dread Wastes (1 hour and 30 mins because I have watched two episodes of the walking dead while farming hehe) and I've only got 2 and a half stacks of Fool's Cap. Now, granted my herbalist is only 87, I used to get ALOT more than that in 2 hours. I would send the mats to my inscriptionist and make the inks. Now for people saying, "I just farmed 2 stacks of fools cap and blah blah blah" good for you, but you are telling me that 2-3 stacks of green tea leaf or snow lily is enough to make 10 starlight inks? (that includes trading in the ink of dreams in for starlight). I call BS on that. Yes, 2-3 stacks maybe good for alchemist to craft potions/flasks, but as an inscriptionist, I sent all the herbs i sent (the 2 and half stacks of fools cap) and was still short about 3-4 starlight inks (and that includes trading the ink of dreams). 2 stacks in an hour and a half is stupid crazy, they need to fix this, I understand the reasoning behind it, but a 50% nerf hurt HUGE on my end to get things crafted. And I know what people are going to say, well, herb more then. But people can't sit there and herb for 2 hours + to get more than 2 stacks, that's stupid, I got a work to do and etc. That's just my input, sorry for the rant, but from an inscriptionist side of the herb nerf, it hurt HUGE. Please fix this ;)

I never said I farmed 3 stacks of of anything. I farmed about 20 stacks of various herbs in about 15-20 minutes by changing my flight path from just circling the south-west corner of Dread waste to a flight path that included the rest of the zone. Found tons of sha-touched herbs which in return gave me a mix of herbs as well as plenty of tea leaf spawns. And yes I sent it all to my scribe and after trading in ink for the Starlight Ink I was able to make 3 DM cards for that little amount of time farming.

Point is...Circling one small area for Fool's Cap is no longer the best approach.

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