Guess ill Look for a group after the holidays.
How late are you able/willing to raid?

We raid 10.30pm-2.30am PST.

Currently looking for an Ele or Boomkin.

Cleared all normals and 4/6 Heroic MSV atm.

I'm sorry but i been thinking about it and when you guys change to 12:30 to 4am thats going to be kinda late for me The latest i would stay up would be 3am.

So i'm going to have to take a pass becouse i'm looking for something for the long run.
Hey man i see your on black rock but what time zone are you in i really need a boomkin for our group we do 6 server with is western time 9 pm eastern time which is me
Sorry my time zone is western same as sever time zone soo still looking for that elite group.
I'm not sure what your margin is for start time but we raid tues/thurs 6-9 pm server with sundays added for progression and we may be looking for a boomkin. We're 10/16 with Stoneguard down on heroic.
If that works for you talk to me ingame, Tbolt#1135. Otherwise, good luck with the search!
Bump still looking

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