Game-locking FPS drop in Silvermoon

Bug Report
I've found Keeping the camera zoomed in and fixed on the ground eases the lag a bit. Sadly today Actually Crashed my game to desktop twice on my mage. Will report back with any more finds/fixes.
I was able to get a snippet of the offending mass of NPCs after setting my graphics to low and using eagle eye. Took a few tries to get the pics because they phased out quickly:,42law

I got that far on one of my lowbies with a friend before it stopped lagging, and unphased back to normal for us. I realllly want to know what that is, looks like they are fighting. anyone have any information on this?
Experience this issue. Not bad enough to lock me up, but it drops me down to 3fps. Turning the camera away from the area (like right at the ground) seems to fix it.

There appears to be a phase here with a ton of blood elf guards fighting something. You can see them from the distance, but getting close causes them to disappear.

I might try scoping it out with my eye of kilrogg later.
You have to have your camera face the spire as you run through the Sunfury Court/fountain/spire area. Blizz shouldve hotfixed the phase zoning but since it's Silvermoon City, I doubt they really care.
12/02/2012 02:26 PMPosted by Aurá
Blizz shouldve hotfixed the phase zoning but since it's Silvermoon City, I doubt they really care.

This, and to add to it, they should care. This big of an issue isn't something that should be left, as it is preventing some people from even logging in if they have a character in certain areas and are experiencing the crashes rather than the lag.
Locked up my WoW today, googled and this thread popped up. Please fix!
This character is pretty much permanently stuck on the bridge now because my game-locks up the moment I load in. I managed to get over the bridge multiple times but I crashed going across with the camera towards the spire and the game locks before I can do anything to try and get out.

This bug is seriously causing problems on RP servers at the moment.
Same here.
Just experienced this coming from the orb at Lordaeron. I didn't see anything as it was all I could do just to get past the fountain. Once I cleared it, it was fine. Still, it nearly shut down my computer, which is actually relatively new with a great graphics card.
I just had this issue. I don't know how this made it out of beta.
Just had this issue myself, and was freaking out that it was my computer. Glad to find out that's the case; not so glad to find out the problem exists at all. It's completely prevented me from logging into that character, but I'm going to try the camera and/or blink 'fixes' to get out of there.
The camera trick does work. Swiveled it 180 as soon as I logged in and it let me get out of there. Thank you so much for that tip.
My suggestion to everyone with a character that is currently stuck; open a ticket from another character.

I ported into Silvermoon this morning without realizing the current state of things. I opened a ticket from my Paladin explaining the situation (which they are aware of, it would seem), listed my Monk's name, told them where it was stuck, and within a half an hour it was moved to Orgrimmar. (Wait time on the ticket listed as 1 Day 9 Hours, so I wouldn't pay that much mind).

Hope this helps anyone that's stuck-stuck.
My FPS nosedives in Silvermoon. I go from 50-60 FPS in other zones, to 2-8 FPS in Silvermoon.
Oh yeah, I just want to add...this occurs around the Sunfury Spire section of Silvermoon. I have a toon that is at the Bazaar area and the FPS is a perfect 60 there.
I am also getting this issue, right as I go up the ramp to go into the Sunfury Spire, my FPS drops down to 3 FPS. Everywhere else I get no lag whatsoever.
We're currently researching this issue.
12/03/2012 03:40 PMPosted by Sapperwix
We're currently researching this issue.

Good to hear. I get the issue from porting to silvermoon and yes i love silvermoon it is my favorite city. Since we are on the subject of silvermoon id like to mention to GC how would you justify giving silvermoon the ability to use flying mounts. The question ill ask is how could you make every other zone flying except for 6 zones Sivlermoon, Exodar, Eversong Woods, Ghostlands, Azuremyst isle, and bloodmyst isle????
12/03/2012 03:40 PMPosted by Sapperwix
We're currently researching this issue.

You're awesome Sapperwix! Thanks for the response!

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