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Yeah, I actually think a lot of the daily hubs are fun too. Maybe because I don't needlessly do them on days when I don't want to.
Sorry, I've got exalted reps to get to fill out my achievements and December is when I'll have the time to marathon them.
But.. I.. I like daili-*explodes*
11/29/2012 05:58 PMPosted by Zarhym
"OMG, early patch 5.2 design is looking mind blowing!").

Since you've brought that up, now might be a good time for the folks down the hall/across the office/in the next building/etc. to put pen to paper and start hashing out some of those patch notes.

There seemed to be a little issue with time constraints on getting the last patch notes completed. Unimportant and minor omissions that don't really affect anyone, granted, but you know... it's the little things that make the job complete.

11/29/2012 06:40 PMPosted by Zarhym

Irrelevant because you're paid to play as well as refrain from any actual criticism of the game. Nobody expects actual valid critique of any game related matter from a Blizzard employee. Everything is sunshine & daisies and if players aren't having fun they by God they simply aren't doing it right.

Thanks for letting me know the intricacies of how we operate over here at Blizzard.

He is right though and it is almost insulting that you find us stupid enough to believe that you working for Blizzard wouldn't affect what you say about the game. There is a huge difference between, "In hindsight we weren't to happy with this," with "You're right, even though the company as a whole has decided to go in this direction with this major element of the current game I absolutely loathe it and wish it would be changed."

I think you forget about blue trackers and the fact that we can easy find and read your posts. We can see how much you gush about everything going on in the game (while always promising great things to come to keep people subscribed) and how much you aren't really talking as a player to other players but as an extension of the company whose number one goal is to make the company look good and as if it could do no wrong.

But go ahead, insult this post by posting a snide remark like you've done to others that have called you out on it.....even when what you call them out on or an irony you try to find doesn't really work in the end.
Can I just Omit the tillers? I actually need them to farm motes on other charactersss D: Otherwise No problem. The Landfall Dailies are just a drag.
But go ahead, insult this post by posting a snide remark like you've done to others that have called you out on it.....even when what you call them out on or an irony you try to find doesn't really work in the end.

Ok, your post explains why Blizzard employees like the game and dailies... now explain why millions of players like them too. And while your at it, explain why, if players who aren't payed by Blizzard like dailies, why then can't Blizzard employees like them too?

You are going to have to live with the fact that MILLIONS of players are happy with dailies. Do you honestly think Blizzard would add more if people weren't doing them or leaving in droves because of them?
11/29/2012 07:24 AMPosted by Gnomeasaurus
I challenge you all to not do a single daily throughout December. Easy for me, I refuse to do dailies. Only done them once XD

Poor baby. "Wah Wah Wah I don't wanna play the game Wah Wah Wah." Move along.
I'll get fired if I stop doing my dailies IRL.

I don't want to get fired.
11/29/2012 05:37 PMPosted by Zarhym
The more I did the Mists dailies, especially after hitting Revered with Golden Lotus -- that can be a little tedious -- the more I actually enjoyed them. I've never been a huge fan of daily quests, but I seriously like the Mists factions (and dailies) more than any before them. I think there's a nice variety in the setup of each faction's daily quests (i.e. Klaxxi buffs, Shado-Pan companion, etc.) that doesn't make it feel too redundant. This is particularly true since I tend to rotate through a couple of factions week to week. With my work/life schedule I'm someone who doesn't always cap Valor each week, so I know I don't need to do dailies every day if it just means I'll outpace my VP gains. Right now I have at least 3 pieces of epic gear unlocked reputation-wise that I just need to save up for.

Look, I've typically shouted down the "dailies are mandatory" whiners ... but for one reason only -- they didn't take much effort and I was able to "get rid of them" quickly. I'd probably feel differently if I actually cared about maintaining an alt.

But let's be honest, questing is the lowest form of content. It is boring, repetitive and not challenging. Dailies, in and of themselves, are just a miserable lowlight in what is an otherwise impressive array of content in MoP. The raiding, challenge modes, brawler's guild, pet battles etc. have all been excellent. Dailies? Not so much.
I have 18 level 85's (5 already 90.) These dalies are gonna kill me!!!

I have done them on two characters and even with the boost.... I wanna kill my self.

My goal is to get through them as quick as possible so I can buy gear... its like a form of abuse.

It's been 2 months since the expansion came out, the fact that you honestly believe you should be able to raise 23 characters to 90 and completely gear them that fast is due to Cata... when you quit thinking like that, you might actually enjoy the game.


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