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11/29/2012 07:24 AMPosted by Gnomeasaurus
I challenge you all to not do a single daily throughout December. Easy for me, I refuse to do dailies. Only done them once XD

You apparently refuse to play the game properly as well.
11/30/2012 09:42 AMPosted by Morrigahn
Choice in Cata for reputation? Before 4.2 we only had Wildhammer, Therazane and TB dailies. ER, Guardians of Hyal, Ramkahen we needed to run heroics with the tabard. Mop system is alot better. We actually help the faction itself.

The factions had (have) dailies as well and the gear is not gated behind VP. It was available immediately upon achieving the reputation.

You had two paths of gaining reputation in Cataclysm and your rewards were not double-gated.

Try again.

Funny, I never saw a daily for ER, or the Guardians before 4.2. Ramkahen only had 2 which offered barely any rep. I never found them. Not all factions had dailies. Yes, you could just buy the rewards but with mostly only 1 vp ilvl piece at exalted there really wasn't a lot avaiable. Plus the few factions that had dailies avaiable where still capped faster through heroics.
Gotta stop somewhere anyhow, blizz has made this really punishing on alts. WTB BoA reputations.
I hit exalted with them with one toon and now just do the tillers with alts.

After you hit exalted with your main with the factions it's alot less important to do so after that with other toons. There is also all the lfr's out as well which offer gear that is somewhat on par with the vendor gear.

I wish they would spend some of the time they are addresing this issue with others such as server population and inbalance. Why wonn't Blizzard comment on if server mergers are being looked at or not?
Don't Daily QQ December

I challenge you not to QQ about Dailies for the entire month of December.
11/29/2012 06:40 PMPosted by Zarhym

Irrelevant because you're paid to play as well as refrain from any actual criticism of the game. Nobody expects actual valid critique of any game related matter from a Blizzard employee. Everything is sunshine & daisies and if players aren't having fun they by God they simply aren't doing it right.

Thanks for letting me know the intricacies of how we operate over here at Blizzard.

Lol! XD

I really enjoy reading your posts, Zarhym. You have the spine to say all of the things I wish CMs of other companies would say.
Considering I'm three days from exalted with the GL (and only a bit more with the Klaxxi,) I think I'll pass on your "challenge."

You need to take a few steps back. They are giving you stuff to do, granted you may not like all of it but they are providing them nonetheless. This isn't evil megacorp trying to snare you in some psycological trap and if you really believe that they are, you need to unplug.

They are not giving anyone anything. They are selling us a service. They did absolutely no more work creating a quest that is done more than once than if the quests were one time only. So, don't hand them a medal because they graced us with more repetitive nonsense to do while they collect a paycheck without doing any more work.

You need to stop drinking the kool-aid and get an opinion for yourself. They are an evil mega corp that is trying to fool us into thinking that one quest done 50 times is the same amount of content as 50 different quests.

But, on a positive note all the drones that love the daily quests got more of them down in kasarang.

As a side note I HATE DAILIES. They are the single worst thing in this game.

Then cancel your sub so you can rage harder against the machine you angsty idiot. You're paying them ~$15 a month and then crying crying crying about how they don't do anything for you and they're an "evil corporation." Don't like it, leave; at the very least, please shut up and stop drooling out inane hypocritical nonsense.
Funny, I never saw a daily for ER, or the Guardians before 4.2.

We didn't have an alternative path to spend VP before 5.1. When Blizzard creates poor game design they don't just stick with it, they strive to change it.
Regardless, that has nothing to do with the statement you made. There are - and still are - dailies to increase rep in the Cata factions.

Except Earthen Ring, and Guardians of Hyjal before 4.2, as was stated. You didn't address the point at all.

Further, the JP/VP/HP/CP upgrade system that came with 5.1 wasn't to address "poor game design" because it was originally planned for 5.0. It was simply delayed. You're looking for intent that isn't there.

11/30/2012 10:16 AMPosted by Morrigahn
Plus the few factions that had dailies avaiable where still capped faster through heroics.

And...? What is the problem with capping reputation swiftly? If Blizzard didn't want you to do this why did they give a boost to rep for alts in 5.1. If Dailies were the end-all, be-all, then they would have stood fast to their game design and made all the alts grind the same dailies in the same amount of time as the main as well. But they didn't.

Part of the problem was that you were already running dungeons for Valor Points, so you might as well just throw on a tabard and get both at the same time.

Also, tabards allowed you to fill rep VERY quickly with no limit. While the commendations do speed up rep gain in MoP (but not initially which you seem to have forgotten), there is still a daily cap on reputation for most factions, and the exceptions offer significantly slower gains.
Don't Daily QQ December

I challenge you not to QQ about Dailies for the entire month of December.
Don't Daily QQ December

I challenge you not to QQ about Dailies for the entire month of December.

Why is it irrelevant? I'm a player too. :(


The more I did the Mists dailies, especially after hitting Revered with Golden Lotus -- that can be a little tedious -- the more I actually enjoyed them. I've never been a huge fan of daily quests, but I seriously like the Mists factions (and dailies) more than any before them. I think there's a nice variety in the setup of each faction's daily quests (i.e. Klaxxi buffs, Shado-Pan companion, etc.) that doesn't make it feel too redundant. This is particularly true since I tend to rotate through a couple of factions week to week. With my work/life schedule I'm someone who doesn't always cap Valor each week, so I know I don't need to do dailies every day if it just means I'll outpace my VP gains. Right now I have at least 3 pieces of epic gear unlocked reputation-wise that I just need to save up for.

I have to be 100% honest with you.

I had a visualization of you while reading the above quoted: You we're crying and in a very large diaper.

I'm not making this up, it's seriously what I was visualizing.

Then again, maybe I'm making fun of you.
I barely did any in November and likely won't do any in December. Won't be hard for me at all, especially now that I've gone from logging in daily to logging in once a week to raid and that's not likely to change unless some fresh non daily content is added. It's likely my Sub will run out before that happens.

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