[A]25m <VOW> [9/12][16/16H] LF RDPS!

Guild Recruitment
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Sounds like my weekend plans. Inb4 Euphs "ZOMG Blaze is on wow on a Friday!?"
Working hard on Friday I see!
I'll see you on wow tonight blaze!
gotta go hard on fridays cann!
whats going on here?
finding nery a warlock buddy!
Hey man, i play a MW monk, and due to RL issues, prior to quitting i finished normal mode MSV in the second day at World 8 rating, and raided with Infalliable(us top 10), if you wanna talk more shoot me a RF ID add= D nickkelly0206@gmail.com
bragg go to sleep

edit: no, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-7pYj4K9cE
pls subscribe
Sometimes I get really hungry, so I eat food.
what kind of food?

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