Blingtron 4000 Bug

Bug Report
I am unable to complete the Blingtron 4000 daily quest, despite having not completed it on any other characters on this account today already. The same issue occurred yesterday, as well.

I'm aware that Blingtron 4000 was updated to make it once per account, but I have not completed it *at all* on this account, today, or yesterday, and I still am not being offered the quest.
I think something wonky hit the Blingtron and the taming dailes - I have a feeling they are accountwide/weekly somehow. Unfortunately, until this has been looked into, that's all just assumptions.
Do blues ever comment in bug report forum?

Mine still hasnt reset since the 1st time I did the quest after 5.1 but a friend said they did the quest yesterday.

Is this happening to everyone or only to engineers?
I'm having the same issue.

Used Blingtron yesterday, cannot use it today.
Yep same issue here.Second day with no daily reward quest from Blingtron 4000.
Same on blackhand AFTER the restart. Dailly did NOT reset .
first nerf one per account and then not even working, annoying at best. Get that friggin bug fixed or roll the change back
Yep, same issue.... No bling from bling.... give me mah daily bling :P
I used (cast) my blingtron 2 days in a row now without getting quest, others are saying same thing - that they can't see any daily quest from them, just the pimp-transform option

considering this dang thing hasn't dropped a mount across all servers yet, I would really like to get it working ASAP!

It's fairly useless already considering the expensive mats it took.
Yeah having the same problem... can't pick up the daily.
I'm having the same issue with the Blingtron. Hopefully just a bug.
Server restart this morning did not fix this issue.
im an engineer and ive got the same problem..i havent even done it on my other toons..a little upset..make sure to mail me three gifts..ty
Same issue with me. I can get the costume, but not the daily.
Same issue
11/29/2012 11:31 AMPosted by Sapperwix
We're aware of this issue and are actively working on a fix. Thanks for your reports!
Same issue here. I hope Blizzard gives us a gift for the days that we missed. I spent 4 spirits and 3000 gold to make Blingtron.
Same issue me and my roommates cant use my blingtron or the blingtron of others
11/29/2012 08:05 PMPosted by Mallox
Same issue here. I hope Blizzard gives us a gift for the days that we missed. I spent 4 spirits and 3000 gold to make Blingtron.

Fortunately (or not) the nerf to Blingtron happened the day I was going to build it - wanted to have an opportunity for my alts and guildies to use it regularly.

Now, I will not. What's the point when only one character per account can use it? That is, if and when they fix the problem to be able to use it at all.
My Blingotron does not drop any gifts. I sent in a ticket and got some babble about "being able to use it once per account".

You mean once in it's lifetime Blizz? Because that's what I got now. Missing a week of gifts so far on ALL toons.

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