Guild Recruitment
We are in need of a few great players to round out our 10 man raid team.

We are 2/6H MSV, 4/6 HoF, and we raid Tues Weds and Thurs 6-10 PST. We are seeking someone that will come in, do a great job, be a great communicator, and likes to have some fun dammit!

Even though we like to have some, there are some things a successful candidate must have:

Great attendance
Drive to improve
Commitment to come prepared with all consumables each raid
Commitment to researching encounters BEFORE we attempt them

We hold ourselves accountable to do these things. If one raider does not, he is hurting the othr nine raiders around him and it's our promise to you that we will not allow that.

We believe playing the game well, and progressing keeps the game fun and fresh.

We have been around since launch day. We cleared all vanilla content except 40 man Naxx (Only two bosses killed). We cleared all content in BC, including Champion of the Naaru and Hand of A'dal titles, killed all content up through Kalegos in Sunwell BEFORE the nerfs, cleared all content in Wrath, including Ulduar and Icecrwon Drakes, cleared all content in Cata, including Firelands and Madness drakes.

We have a history of clearing content, and we will continue to do so for a long, long time. What we need is one or two like minded people, that want to push progression, that are competitive, also have a great sense of humor (cannot tell you how important that is).

Go to www.drivencenarius.com for more info.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
A little about us
Eternal Life is an Alliance guild on the US-Burning Blade realm. We are currently seeking skilled, consistent, experienced *and friendly!* raiders that are looking to push progression into whatever new raids are thrown at us!

Eternal Life has been around for a very long time, ranging all the way back to Kara. There have only been two Guild Leaders in all of that time, with the second one being the co-gm for all of the time prior. We've always been known for being the type of guild that gets stuff done, but still keeps the game fun and enjoyable. When working on progression, the atmosphere is kept serious. That being said, the rest of the time is generally very light, friendly, and full of jokes. Our guild has a lot of heart, and we are absolutely 100% loyal to our raiders.

We value good players, but value loyalty and consistency with attendance just as much. If you're a loyal person and willing to show up and work towards getting the job done, this is the guild for you.

We use a very easy to understand, custom DKP system in order to keep loot distribution as fair as we possibly can.

We have always been fond of raiding many times per week, and so our raiding schedule is generally 4 nights per week (at least during progression).

Our progression raiding schedule is:

Sunday: 7:45-11:00 EST
Monday: 7:45-11:00 EST
Tuesday: 7:45-11:00 EST
Thursday: 7:45-11:00 EST

We also do an optional alt run on Saturdays at 7:45 EST.

Current Needs

We're currently looking for:

All Healing Classes
All Caster DPS

But any exceptional players will be considered


We may not be full of server first kills, but we do always stay within the top few alliance guilds on this server.

We are currently [1/6] in Heroic 25 man MV and [4/6] in 25 man HoF.

We went [8/8] in Heroic 25 man Dragonsoul.

On to you..

If you feel you could contribute a lot to our guild and would be a good fit for us, we encourage you to apply. We are always looking for exceptional applicants, so even if your class is closed, don't be afraid to apply!

If you wish to speak with someone first, please feel free to contact me on my battletag (Killstrike#1614), or whisper anyone online and ask to speak with an officer and they will point you in the right direction.

For more information, or to fill out an application, you can find us at:

Thirteen Thirty Seven - US Lightbringer is currently 2/6H 25 vaults. 6/6 25 man Heart of Fear. 4/4 (Elite) 25 man ToES.

Raid times (PST):

Tuesday 7:00p - 11:00p
Wednesday 7:00p - 11:00p
Thursday 7:00p - 11:00p
Monday 7:00p - 11:00p (Used mainly for holidays, close kills, first week progression..etc)

We recently converted back to 25 mans and are looking for more for the 25 man core. The main reason as to the recent conversion is because the guild went into hibernation back in January of this year after going 6/8H in Dragon Soul and getting a US 60 H Rag kill. Many of the guild's main raiders became bored with the content and decided to stop playing and have recently came back to the game, hence the switch from a small 10 man back to 25. Many of the main raiders from that 6/8H Dragon Soul group have returned to raid and we are looking to fill the gaps in our roster. These gaps have caused us to 24 and 23 man our two of our three H Stone Guard kills and 24 man our H Feng kill. The talent is their for many of our players, but we are still in need of more raiders.

We are recruiting the following classes / specs:


1 Disc/Holy Priest
1 Shadow Priest
1 Fury/Arms Warrior
1 Holy Paladin


1 Rogue
1 Hunter
1 Mistweaver/Windwalker Monk


Anything else not listed above. This includes healers and tanks not listed above.

Although these are considered what we need now, we are accepting applicants whom we consider amazing. We usually do on the day replies and interviews for all applicants (Unless its really late or during the raid times).

Loot Distribution:
Loot is done in a loot council format.

What we expect from you:
Make 95% of raids, know all heroic fights, provide amazing performance (interrupts should be flawless, environment should be flawless, dps/hps should be very high). We understand RL situations come up. Please notify us via our forums or in game for late or missed raids. 100% enchants, gems, strategies and tactics known.

Apply at :

Realid Contacts:
GM: tibiron#1639
Hello, ~Undying Legends~ of Stormrage U.S. is a level 25 Alliance guild dedicated in getting
into end game content.

We are always looking for quality players with good attitudes to fill our needs in our 25 man raids.

Our raiding schedule is Tuesday-Thursday 8:30pm to 12:30 AM Eastern time.

Our progression in the new content is 6/6 MSV 2/6 HOF.

We are striving to get through all the new content through Heroic modes.

Are direct needs right now are outstanding healers and Amazing DPS

If you are in need of a change and think we might be a fit for you, come to our website at

http://undyinglegends.wowstead.com and apply.

If you need anymore questions asked feel free to contact any of our Officers in game


or me ~Forestprime~ @ myreal id griffindor1227@hotmail.com

Hope to here from ya soon!!!
<Nightmare> is looking for 1 stellar healer to fill the last spot of its 10man raiding roster. Currently we are 6/6 mv, 1/6hm, and 2/6 in HoF. We raid tuesdays, thursdays and mondays from 8-12 est.

I know our progression isnt the best, but we have had some serous issues with consistency and attendance, with people that take it as seriously as the 9 other that show up, we could really be doing some damage. What we dont lack is talent and skill in that all our raiders are in about the 85th percentile on almost every fight. If you are interested in an environment where raiding is taken serisously but is also fun, we might be able to reach an agreement.


[A] <Tempest> is currently recruiting for Mists 25 man raiding! I think we may offer the environment you're looking for.

<Tempest>, US Alliance Gorgonnash is a 25man raiding guild that has been raiding solidly since 2007. We strive to push progression, and continually better our raid, while treating each other with respect and friendship.

Full recruitment thread for more info:

Raid Times:
7:00-10:00 server (Pacfic), Tues, Weds, Thurs. We take a 15 minute break halfway through.

Current Progression:
6/6 Mogu’shan Vaults
2/6 Heart of Fear

Cata Progression:
8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul
4/7 Heroic Firelands

Loot is distributed through a DKP system modified by attendance.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the <Tempest> family, you can apply online at http://tempestgorg.enjin.com

How to contact us:

• My Battletag: slimey42#1203
• Send me PM on our forums http://tempestgorg.enjin.com
• email contact: tempestrecruitment@gmail.com
• Come make a character on Gorgonnash and talk to us! We’d love to hear from you

Contact Namelessone or Earrl, or whisper anyone from <Tempest> and they’ll put you in contact with us!
Heya! How do you feel about weekend raiding? Our 10m, currently 1/6H + 11/16N, runs 11am-3pm EST (8am-12pm PST) Saturday and Sunday. If that's something you can work with, or if you're interested in an additional competitive raid group apart from your weekday gaming responsibilities, we are looking for a serious, progression-minded Priest for an immediate core healing position. I understand faction+server transfer is a pain, but we can help with the fees if you're serious about joining our permanent roster.

If our goals of focused progression in a professional atmosphere line up with yours, feel free to follow the links provided below for our guild recruitment spam, our website, or to simply email me directly with any questions you may have.


tworedeyes@ymail.com (not RealID)
Hey Tihra,

I have one full time heal spot I've been looking to fill for a bit now and I feel you might be a good fit. I need that last strong healer to really solidify the group and continue downing progression. I realize the 10m Horde aspect of our guild isn't ideal but our times work well for you and would definitely like to chat if you're interested.

<Unpossible> was founded in Aug '11 and has quickly established itself as one of the upper echelon guilds on a very competitive server. With the release of Mists of Pandaria our main raid group has solidly placed itself within the rankings of the top US guilds and looks to continue to raise that rank as time progresses. In Unpossible we feel that 10m provides a better environment for raiding, which is why we run separate and autonomous groups throughout the week.

We have successfully run two 10m raid groups since our founding and our third group has successfully cleared MSV with early progress in HoF and is looking for one strong healer to complete the group and continue pushing through content quickly.

Raid Schedule

Wednesday - 9:30pm EST - 1:00am EST
Thursday - 9:30pm EST - 1:00am EST
Sunday - 9:30pm EST - 1:00am EST

Currently Recruiting

1 Healer (Monk, Druid or Priest)

Current Progression

6/6 Mogu'shan Vaults
2/6 Heart of Fear

Once this spot is filled recruiting will close and will only open up again through an application process. Now is the chance to get in and prove yourself!

If you're interested in learning more and think you may like to be part of a strong guild and building a new group focused on continued progression then please feel free to contact myself or Kelida in game or at our website http://unpossibleguild.enjin.com/home.

Thank you for your time.

Battletag - Ultan#1472
Here is a little bit about us. Please add me to RealId if you are interested in talking. Thanks :)

Team Elite of Galakrond is looking to recruit a skilled priest for a core raid spot. We are a guild very dedicated to raiding and want players with the same mindset. Currently 1/6H MSV 6/6N HoF, with plans of being a top raiding guild in MoP.

Current needs:
Healer Priest (100% attendance or very close to it)

We take raiding seriously but also have a laid back environment where we don't try to put people down or insult them. We believe strongly in working together to succeed

Raid Schedule:
Tues, Wend, Thur @ 830pm PST (1130 EST)

Contact Strixx, Alarris, Phrosen, Lysergia, or Lilnazty in game if you are interested. Thanks

RealId Battletag: icetrance#1715

Apply at http://teamelite.guildlaunch.com/
Greetings and salutations Tihra. We raid Saturday and Sunday 3-7pm cst. We are 4/6n MV and 1/6 HoF currently. We are attempting to round out our roster and get back into 25s instead of running two 10s.

<Sodality of the Cairns> is a community first guild recruiting for the Mists of Pandaria. Community first means we are looking for members of like mindset who are looking to have fun and form friendships and values them over progression/gear. Activities you will find here include Raiding(25s), PvP (world, arena, RBGs), Events (trivia, naked gnome race, etc), and casual PvE (questing, scenarios, pet battles, dungeons, xmog/achievement runs) - more or less everything =P. A Jack-of-all-Trades guild, as we like to refer to ourselves, means that there is always something going on in the game and the guild is always active with an event.

Guild: Sodality of the Cairns
Type: Jack-of-all-Trades
Faction: Alliance
Server: Stormreaver-PvP(CST)
Battletag: Natersmater#1999
RID: Natersmater@yahoo.com
It's Super Effective is a re-roll Guild looking to fill its ranks to start raiding again soon. Some Raiders have downed 5/6 HM MV, 6/6 HoF (attempted 3/6 HM), and 4/4 ToES. The experience is here, we just need YOU!

Current Needs:
1 Tank (Warrior, Pally, Blood DK)
2 Healers
2-3 DPS (1 DPS class with Healing OS/Gear)

Raid Times: Tues-Thurs 7-11 CST
Loot: Loot Council

Guild Website: http://itssupereffective.enjin.com/

What's expected of you:
-Fully gemmed, enchanted, and reforged MS and OS gear
-Knowledge and competency of all specializations of your class as you may be asked to change your specialization from time to time
-Providing your own flasks, potions, 275-300 food (until Guild generates enough income to provide for its Raiders)
-Complete and undivided attention for the duration of the raid
-Knowledge of all encounters prior to the first pull during progression

We want to provide a enjoyable raiding environment, to have fun, and to work as a team but our main goal is to complete ALL current Heroic content before each new Tier is released. All players are welcomed to join, but Raiders will be expected to perform at a higher level. Look forward to hearing from you!

You can reach me via my Battle Tag Darknut#1983
We are in need of a healing priest to progress through MoP with us. My battle tag is Fifel#1656 if you have any questions.

Guild: Resurgence (25 Man)

Server: Stonemaul (US-PvP-PST)

T14 3/6H MSV, 6/6 HoF, 4/4 ToES
T13 8/8H
T12 7/7H
T11 12/13H

Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:00PM to 10:30PM PST

Loot: Tiered DKP system

If you are interested, check out our Recruitment page at http://resurgence-stonemaul.wowstead.com/.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Simony, Pewpew, Vaelith or Caides in game.

We hope to be raiding with you in the near future.

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